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Growing Options – Including A New Aftermarket Alternative

Independent workshops are progressively seeing more hybrid and electric vehicles arriving for service and repair.

The heart of these vehicles is battery technology and it’s moving fast. Thankfully so are the aftermarket solutions available to keep these vehicles on the road and your customers happy.

In February 2020, the Injectronics’ hybrid battery remanufacturing exchange program was announced, delivering Australia’s first scalable component re-use and resource recovery program of retired battery packs from hybrid-electric vehicles.

Part of IM Group, Injectronics is Australasia’s leading supplier of quality new and remanufactured automotive electronic components, as well as the preferred repairer of electronic and mechatronic parts.

Last year, in September 2021 the website launched, and sales of newly re-manufactured Prius and Camry 40/50 series batteries began. Fast forward to June 2022 and the solutions from Injectronics have progressed significantly with re-manufactured batteries and an option for a new aftermarket hybrid battery. The range now covers 11 models commonly found on Australian roads.

Propulsion, or drive batteries work best when operating in a stable environment. If the cells become too hot or too cold, their life span is reduced significantly. OE manufacturers carry out heat management of their battery packs in different ways with the option of forced air-cooling using ECM controlled fans the most popular.

One of the problems encountered by OE manufacturers of traditional prismatic cells (commonly found across the Toyota Hybrid range of vehicles), is the ability to keep them cool while performing charge and discharge cycles. This is due to the lack of airflow around the closely assembled cell packs.

The very clever engineers at Injectronics use cylindrical cells in their new aftermarket hybrid batteries. These cells carry the same capacity as their predecessors but due to their shape and size, allow even airflow and therefore heat transfer away from the pack.

If you have tried to purchase an OE battery in our global economic state, you will no doubt be aware that these are in very short supply. Injectronics – a local Australian business, has genuine alternative battery solutions for your customers vehicle.

As Australia’s first large-scale hybrid remanufacturing program, Injectronics can provide a cost-effective and sustainable solution. Giving hybrid batteries a second life, NiMH batteries can be remanufactured to provide exceptional battery performance and efficiency.

All Injectronics hybrid batteries whether remanufactured or new aftermarket are true “Plug and Play” components. This simply means the pack comes fully assembled. No extra purchases, no extra time, no confusion, and no hassle – its Plug ‘n’ Play.

Injectronics has a high standard when it comes to environmental sustainability. This is evident right down at the packaging and shipping level where each battery pack is delivered in a purpose-built case which is used to return the core for remanufacturing.

The Circular Economy is at the heart of this program, whereby waste is minimised or eliminated from landfill and handled in the safest possible way.

Injectronics is currently offering replacement battery packs for Gen 2, Gen 3 and C model Toyota Prius, Toyota Camry 40 and 50 Series, ZWE186 Corolla, Estima, and LEXUS vehicles including GS450H, RX400H and RX450H.

With access Australia-wide, Injectronics hybrid battery packs are a convenient option for automotive technicians. They provide a cheaper repair solution for your customers, along with a vastly reduced environmental impact.

For more information, visit, or call 1300 30 80 60.

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