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Growth and Support of Alternatives Powertrains

by Digital Mayne Media

Injectronics is leading the way in scalable hybrid battery remanufacturing in Australia and will launch its hybrid battery exchange program nationally from September.

Injectronics recently announced its plan to offer a scalable hybrid battery remanufacturing exchange program from its facility in Victoria.

The program was devised in response to the number of hybrid vehicle batteries now reaching the end of their current service life and, crucially, to reduce the number of hybrid vehicle batteries being sent to landfill. In creating this sustainable economy for hybrid battery remanufacturing, Injectronics is addressing a chief area of concern surrounding hybrid vehicle life cycles.

“In launching this initiative to market, Injectronics is putting an end to the idea that a hybrid vehicle battery is a single-use item,” explained IM Group General Manager of Circular Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Power Solutions, Dickson Leow.

“Many first and second-generation hybrid vehicles have now passed the point where their battery packs are covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. The cost of a replacement OEM battery, is leaving a lot of customers with no other option but to scrap their vehicle and wear the loss.

“That’s not only unfortunate from an economic perspective, but it’s also an environmental disaster. Many of these battery packs have a substantial service life ahead of them and require only a small percentage of their components to be renewed or repaired to be perfectly serviceable,” he added.

The news comes at the same time as the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) announced $24.55 million in funding for the expansion of Australia’s electric vehicle fast charging network. The funding will be distributed to five charging infrastructure companies over the next 12 months, allowing the addition of 403 fastcharging stations nationally.

Like the Injectronics program, ARENA’s commitment is aimed at not only supporting Australians who have already purchased a hybrid or electric vehicle but in encouraging those ‘on the fence’ by demonstrating that local business are here to support electric powertrain uptake in the longer term.

“In the future there’ll be an even greater need for the repair and remanufacture of hybrid and electric vehicle power components. I think it’s imperative that Australian companies like Injectronics are thinking ahead to address those issues now so that hybrid and electric vehicles will become a genuine consideration for Australian families tomorrow, and decades from tomorrow.”

Injectronics scalable hybrid battery remanufacturing program currently serves Toyota Prius Gen 2 NHW20, Camry 40 and 50 Series with more models to be introduced.

For further information go to hybrid.injectronics.com.au

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