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HELLA handheld inspection and work lamps – made for professionals.

HELLA, world leaders in lighting since 1899, is at the forefront of lighting technology across many industries. Well known for their collaborations on automotive headlight, tail light and interior lighting applications with the likes of Audi, BMW, Mercedes Benz, and Porsche, HELLA has been supporting professional mechanics to service and keep these vehicles on the road through a complete range of workshop lighting solutions.

“The HELLA Handheld Inspection and Work Lamp range is designed for the professional user”, says Jigar Patel, Handheld Inspection and Work Lamp Product Manager at HELLA Australia. “HELLA provides the Australian market with a comprehensive range of workshop lamps, providing lighting solutions for almost any need within a professional mechanic environment.”

The handheld range of HELLA work lamps includes the small, Flash Pen-R and Flash 12V, as well as the Unipen. All three are sturdy, powerful and small enoughto fit in the pocket and most importantly, rechargeable – removing the hassle of having to find replacement batteries. The I-View headlamp is also rechargeable and has a touchless sensor. Jigar Patel says “the I-View is very popular. It’s an innovative light – by only waving your hand in front of the lamp, you can turn on the light when needed. The light can easily be switched on and off, even when wearing gloves.”

For primary use in the workshop, HELLA provides the Mag range of handheld LED inspection lamps. The next generation Mag 3 is HELLA’s best seller in Australia. With a 2 in 1 design, the Mag 3 combines work light and flashlight functionality in a single form. According to Jigar Patel, “the modern design of the Mag 3 offers an ergonomic and user-friendly grip and the flexibility of the lamp head allows tilting up to 180 degrees. The Mag range incorporates the latest Chip-On-Board (COB) technology, providing a much higher intensity and greater uniformity of light.” Along with the Mag 3, the HELLA range of inspection work lamps includes the smaller Mini Mag and the Uniform multifunction inspection lamp. All include the convenience of magnetic mounting and are rechargeable.

“Two of our handheld inspection lamps gaining popularity are our Mini Slim and Slim compact 3 in 1 lights for challenging inspection jobs” says Jigar. “These lights combine an inspection lamp, work light and flashlight into an ultra-thin and compact design, illuminating the most inaccessible and narrow work areas. They are perfect for difficult and hard to reach jobs.

For bigger jobs, in the workshop or on-site, HELLA’s range of ‘Nova’ work lamps – the rechargeable 3K, 5K and AC powered 10K are the go-to light source. The universal, all-round NOVA work lamps are almost indestructible, making them endure the harsh, wet and dirty environments of construction sites along with almost anything a mechanical workshop can throw at them. “With outputs as high as 10,000 lumens in the Nova 10K, no mechanic will be short on light” says Jigar. “The Nova 10K can also be controlled with a smartphone via a wireless, Bluetooth lamp control system. The HELLA Nova 10K app is available via Apple iTunes or Google Play.”

“The Nova range provides close to daylight output and the Nova 3K and5K provide dual system power, allowing the versatility of cordless use.” The Nova range is supported by a range of accessories to make them even more versatile. A vehicle power adaptor is available for the 3K and 5K for easy charging when travelling. A tripod with optional dual bracket to mount one or two Nova work lamps and magnetic and scaffolding brackets are also available.

HELLA has introduced an all-new light to their extensive mechanic work lamp range: the HELLA Nova R. Jigar Patel says “we have taken the technology from the larger Nova work lamps and introduced it to the handheld work lamp market. The all-new Nova R provides the durability and powerful, high output performance previously only found in the larger HELLA Nova work lamps and made it available for handheld use.” With up to 1500 lumens, the sturdy, compact, magnetic and rechargeable Nova R can be adjusted using the built-in light dimmer with five brightness controls. “Along with providing market leading versatility, the HELLA Nova R can even charge your phone or other mobile devices through the built in USB power bank” says Jigar Patel.

The all-new HELLA Nova R compact LED work lamp, along with the complete range of HELLA professional handheld inspection and work lamps, are available through leading automotive distributors and retailers.

For more information visit http://hella.com.au

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