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High-Quality Platinum Gaskets

The role of gaskets in the modern day internal combustion engines cannot be understated, no matter the application.

Damaged Gaskets

The highest quality of automotive gaskets can make a significant difference in the modern day internal combustion engines.

The effects of worn or damaged gaskets, in particular head gaskets, can be devastating with extensive damage possible.

Some good early indicators that you may need a new gasket set are, for example, a rough running engine that is overheating and exhaust gases in the radiator or smokey exhaust.

Occasionally, the compression in the cylinder will cause a leak to form in the gasket. The possible result being the mixture of combustible air/fuel with water based coolant and motor oil. If coolant leaks into the cylinders a range of problems can occur including the exhaust to steam and the catalytic converter to be damaged. Even Hydro-lock is possible if a large amount of coolant gets in.

Another symptom of a blown head gasket is coolant in the oil, which causes your engine oil to become milky and have a similar look to good old choccy milk.


To solve these issues the team at Platinum have sourced the highest quality materials offered from throughout the world, and provide either single gaskets or gasket sets for commercial, petrol or diesel vehicles, staying true to their commitment of delivering the highest quality and broadest range of automotive gaskets and sets.

The Platinum Gasket range sets itself aside from other gasket brands by providing not only valve regrind and full gasket sets but also manifold gaskets, plenum chamber sets, oil pan sets, valve cover gaskets and kits, timing case seal sets, along with an extensive range of miscellaneous gaskets and seals to suit a large range of engines – along with the confidence to carry a three-year/ 100,000km warranty for peace of mind.

Multi-Layered Steel Gaskets

MLS (Multi-layered steel) gaskets are the choice for most high performance engines. Head gaskets are manufactured in high

grade graphite material with stainless steel bore bindings or MLS – whichever is applicable to each particular engine.

MLS gaskets work by exerting an outward force due to their spring nature, so they take up the slack when your engine’s head moves up and down 1000 times per minute under load. Because they are made from spring stainless steel they are also much stronger than conventional composite head gaskets.

Rocker cover gaskets are all manufactured in silicone material allowing mechanical stability over a broad temperature range to ensure sealing integrity.

Engine oil seals are genuine NOK seals. Valve Stem Seals are made from Viton material providing excellent durability and a quality resistance against seal failure.

To round out their excellent gasket range, Platinum Gaskets have developed an outstanding bolt set in their Platinum range.

For more information visit www.platinumgaskets.com.au
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