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Motospecs is a specialist automotive parts program developer and marketer for under vehicle and under bonnet aftermarket parts including drivetrain, engine management, fuel control, rubber and metal products, steering, suspension and more.

ACM was lucky enough to catch up with Motospecs’ General Manager, Jeff Cronan, who has now been with the company for more than ten years and has a wealth of knowledge of all things Motospecs. Jeff’s passion for the industry is obvious, and his finger is right on the pulse when it comes to providing an easy to use service with quality products sourced from the best manufacturers around the world. A service that is seeing Motospecs’ customers turn into return customers over and over again.

Motospecs has approximately 170 employees across Australia and New Zealand, whose passions are ensuring customer satisfaction through providing quality parts to the market in the quickest time possible. Jeff shared “Our strength lies in how we catalogue, promote and range these parts into programs that offer coverage for most makes and models. We ensure competitive pricing, with broad availability and distribution through our Distribution Centres and Trade Branches.” The products supplied are very well sourced with the same or better quality than the original part.

“With an extensive list of product groups under brands such as Fuelmiser, Kelpro, Tru-Flow, Drivetech and Drivetech 4×4, this stable of high-quality brands is more than impressive. Through innovative kit design and assembly, backed by technically skilled staff, extensive product management experience, considerable attention to detail, and excellent customer service, Motospecs’ customers gain an outstanding profitable experience in whichever programs they support,” said Jeff. Additionally, the Champion spark plug range and K&N filters are distributed through Motospecs.

A few years back Motospecs was able to move into a new purpose-built facility in Glendenning, NSW. This new facility has allowed the company to expand its ranges and stock further.

Drivetech 4×4 is one of the fastest growing 4×4 ranges in Australia and New Zealand and has been powering along since its introduction in 2009. Ben Lavis, the Business Manager, has been involved with the Drivetech 4×4 brand since its launch. Ben says, “The name is synonymous with quality and offers reliable and cost-effective solutions to the industry.” The Drivetech4x4 ever-growing range consists of under bonnet and under car parts and overhaul kits, and accessories. Its range is rapidly growing to meet the requirements of today’s 4×4 industry, and all parts come with a nation-wide warranty ranging from one to three years.

Ben feels what sets Drivetech 4×4 aside from others in the market has been its program of packaged overhaul kits. The kits have seen the team at Motospecs source all the required components for a particular overhaul and wrap them together in a very tidy and well-presented package. Some of the elements included in the kit have been sourced from several different countries and numerous manufacturers or suppliers, saving the end user a massive amount of time sourcing the various and significant parts required.

The Drivetech 4×4 range is separated into six categories including accessories; brake and clutch; drivetrain; engine, body and electrical; filtration; and steering and suspension. All Drivetech 4×4 parts components and kits are sourced from the world’s leading manufacturers and, where possible, from the same factory and country as where the vehicle originated – being of the same, or better quality as the original equipment being replaced, at a fraction of the price.

Drivetech 4×4 has been more than enthusiastically received by the market and on the back of this success, Drivetech 4×4 has developed an Authorised Stockist network which has the range of products and technical expertise is available from specialist 4WD parts resellers across Australia and New Zealand.

The Motospecs range is vast and continues to expand. The product groups included in the categories are: 4WD products, additives, automotive transmissions, axel/driveline, cooling, engine management and ignition, engine mounts, filtration, fuel systems, gearbox and differential, oil coolers and oil seals, pedal pads, power steering, spark plugs, sump plugs, suspension and tools. You can start to get the idea pretty quick just how big their range is.

When asking Jeff what have been the most significant challenges, he said “New technologies in engines and components has undoubtedly made many things like automotive transmissions harder to repair. Where an automotive transmission back in the day might have only had 20 or so components, now there might be well over 100, making it much harder to fix. Also with the improved quality of some original parts, some cars are just lasting longer without the need for repair.”

Jeff feels the business is sitting in an excellent position looking forward over the next five to ten years. They have great support in place, and with their incredibly well-sourced manufacturers and dedicated team, the future is looking bright. From brake parts to steering components, from engine management parts to drivetrain and more, Motospecs offers quality, innovative products to suit a broad range of vehicle applications.

For more information visit www.motospecs.com.au

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