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Launch hoists

Launch has a quality selection of hoists to suit a massive range of needs for mechanics. Whether it’s a two-post, four-post, or scissor hoist you need, Launch has you covered.

TLT245AT 4500kg two-post hoist

Launch’s 4500kg TLT245AT two-post hoist is simple and safe to operate. The model comes with a single-side manual safety lock and lowering device. It features dual hydraulic cylinder drives which allow for stable and smooth lifting without a chain.

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The hoist has wire rope equalisation systems that ensure synchronous movement between two carriages, keeping the vehicle from tilting. The TLT245AT also comes with hose burst protection valves which reduce the risk of damage or injury in case of hose failure. It is also available in asymmetric installation with optional kits. It includes door rubber pads to avoid damaging vehicles while in use.

Multiple lifting pads means the TLT245AT meets the requirements for light trucks and SUVs. It also passed 115 per cent dynamic loading test and 150 per cent static loading test.

TLT440W 4000kg wheel alignment four-post hoist

Launch’s 4000kg TLT440W wheel alignment four-post hoist comes in blue or red and is ideal for handling small-to-medium vehicles weighing 4 tonnes or below. The four force-synchronised steel cables prevent the vehicle from sloping when being elevated or lowered.

This synchronised system has a horizontal precision of 1mm. The positioning level is adjustable, as is the distance between platforms and wheel base – within a certain scope – making this hoist very accommodating. To ensure the safety of both user and vehicle, the TLT440W has a cable rupture safety system which prevents the vehicle from overturning.

The hoist also features a CE-STOP function that sounds an alarm to warn users to keep a safe distance when the hoist lowers below 250mm from the ground.

TLT840WAF 4000kg ultra thin wheel alignment and TLT635AF 3500kg ultra thin scissor hoists

Offering peak performance in compact packaging, both Launch’s 4000kg TLT840WAF and 3500kg TLT635AF scissor hoists provide unparalleled convenience. Both come with separate low-voltage control boxes to allow for easy and safe raising and lowering of their hidden scissor structures. The hoists come with a manual lowering mechanism in case of power outage. A double security design on both hoists features hydraulic locks as well as a mechanical tooth safety claw which ensures the load is safe.

The TLT840WAF comes with a protection mechanism which provides pipe-explosion proofing – preventing the hoist from collapsing instantly – and overload safety valve protection. This provides an extra layer of protection in the case of hydraulic failure or a burst oil pipe.

The TLT840WAF also offers pin-point horizontal adjusting accuracy making it suitable for four-wheel alignment detection. Its sliding block is water-resistant and oil-free. For more information on Launch’s hoist range, visit here.

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