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How Bosch Car Service helped grow John’s workshop

Bosch Car Service

John Kourtis from Northern BM Automotive answered a calling to the automotive-service industry a little later than most.

After taking over Northern BM Automotive some five years ago, he was faced with the challenge of running a new business during COVID and decided to be part of the Bosch Car Service global network. He hasn’t looked back.


John had been a computer programmer and owned childcare centres before deciding his true calling was in the automotive-service industry. After completing an adult mechanic apprenticeship, John proved it’s never too late to start anew.
Since swapping the keyboard for socket sets, spanners and Bosch scan tools, John can’t remember a happier time.

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Aligning his independent workshop with the Bosch Car Service global network was yet another good decision that showed those who adapt and evolve in business reap rewards. Northern BM Automotive has grown well over the past few years, and having the Bosch reputation for quality service and products has helped John move ahead.

Bosch Car Service

“Originally when I took over the business it was known as a specialty BMW workshop,” John said.
“A year or so ago I made the decision to open our trade up as a more general service centre targeting a wider range of vehicles, while still offering great service to our existing BMW customer base.
“Partnering with Bosch, with its training, marketing and education, has been an integral part of this development.
“Today our workshop looks great, and the Bosch service branding sends a strong message of quality and top service to our customers.”

Bosch Car Service

Brick by brick

Business has been building well for John and his small team of five, with the workshop working on around 30 to 50 cars each week. It’s clear training and equipment, like the Bosch scan tool, is just one of the many positives of being a Bosch Car Service workshop.

“The Bosch scan tool is a very impressive piece of equipment,” said John.
“We are still learning the finer details of this awesome tool, and we will be undertaking more training in the future so we can really leverage its advantages.
“Also, we are looking forward to undertaking various education opportunities through Bosch to build up our skills and knowledge around EVs as that part of the industry grows. There’s no stopping the change to electric vehicles, and as mechanics we need to prepare for it.
Bosch is leading the way in this area. If we don’t move with the times and stay educated and informed to include these types of vehicles in our day-to-day workflows, we run the risk of being left behind.
So, we are ready to embrace EV training from Bosch.
“The support and branding from Bosch has been amazing. We are getting great feedback from our customers on the look and feel of our workshop both inside and out, and the Bosch branding has had a lot to do with that.
“The natural connection from Bosch to our existing BMW clientele also just made sense and has been working very well.”

Bosch Car Service

Eyes on the prize

John’s plans and goals for the future include continuing to build the existing business and then to open a second workshop. It’s clear from John’s energy and enthusiasm that partnering with Bosch was a great decision which helped the business turn the corner after the challenges of the COVID years.
John’s business has evolved and adapted from where it started some five years ago, and that’s thanks, in no small measure, to hard work and support from Bosch on multiple levels.
John himself is one of those great people whose positive and friendly attitude and hard work will see him achieve all his goals and build a strong and reliable customer base.

Bosch Car Service

If you’re an independent workshop owner who, like John, sees the benefit of Bosch’s partnership offering business support, training, marketing support, technical expertise and loyalty programs, visit here or go direct via email to Bosch.ServiceNetwork@au.bosch.com

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