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How Burson gets back to its (grass)roots

Over the years, Burson Auto Parts has committed to being a part of the community in more ways than one.

From major sporting competitions to local groups, Burson’s passion for community has always gifted its business the ability to give back and allow individuals to have their moment to shine.

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Burson backs the next generation of racers, car clubs, sporting groups, and support numerous organisations within our local communities.

Passion for sponsoring

All partnerships are an integral part of Burson Auto Parts. Its team builds personal and genuine connection to ensure long lasting relationships. It’s about getting the best out of everyone involved, and Burson aims to ensure that the partnerships we invest in align with our purpose and our values. Working with various motorsport teams and content creators has further ensured Burson’s name is top of mind for its customers.

Image: Burson Auto Parts

In saying this, Burson loves supporting local communities and businesses. Our local store initiative allows Burson to make a difference where it counts. It’s focused on creating a safe, family environment through our Cars and Coffee events that allow passionate car enthusiasts to gather and bond over their pride and joys. It’s the perfect way for Burson to back locals, whilst fostering inclusion and our true love for automotive.

Geared toward grassroots

Community is such a big part of what Burson is about. With 213 stores nationwide, it’s no surprise that Burson has gained great respect through the relationships its store managers have formed with locals. Burson Auto Parts is continuously looking to add more partners to its community and invites any business that aligns with Burson’s core values to touch base with their local store. Burson’s presence at events such as Rockynats, Motorvation, Historic Touring Car Race meetings, Cars and Coffee, Cricket, Netball clubs and more further proves that Burson Backs Local.

Image: Burson Auto Parts

Burson Auto Parts continues to be there for customers and the people around it. Without the community, Burson would not be what it is today.

If you have an opportunity for Burson to back you, make sure you get in contact with your local store here.

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