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How CoolDrive delivers when it comes to oils

CoolDrive Auto Parts offers a comprehensive range of high-quality oils and lubricants to meet the specific needs of today’s car parc, with both synthetic and mineral-based lubricants featured.

Premium lubricants from trusted brands like PETRONAS and CASTROL are available throughout the CoolDrive network, each rigorously tested and approved by OEMs to ensure exceptional vehicle performance, longevity, and customer satisfaction.

Ready to go

Heading the PETRONAS offering is the Syntium range with CoolTech™ technology, developed to reduce engine heat and maintain optimum performance, which is complemented by the Tutela range of gear oils and automatic transmission fluids.

The PETRONAS Urania range, meanwhile, has been developed for trucks and heavy-duty applications and is formulated with ViscGuard™ technology, which protects against engine build-ups, to prevent abrasive wear and oxidation to increase engine life.

Heading the Castrol offering is its EDGE range which has been formulated with advanced full synthetic technology and tested to the highest standards to deliver maximum performance.

Castrol’s MAGNATEC range features intelligent molecules which adhere to the engine to provide an extra layer of protection and increase the resistance of engine parts to wear.

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There’s also the trusted Castrol GTX range, which provides superior sludge, viscosity, and thermal breakdown protection, while the anti-wear additives work to extend engine life.

Also stocked at CoolDrive is Castrol VECTON® and RX SUPER which have been developed for trucks and heavy-duty applications.

These are all complemented by Castrol’s extensive range of transmission fluids, differentials and axle fluids, manual transmission fluids, greases, and hydraulic fluids.

Here, there, everywhere

As part of its commitment to customer service, CoolDrive has launched a bulk oil and lubricant delivery service in selected areas, comprising a specialised fleet of vehicles offering drum drop-offs, and a pump out service into customers’ on-site storage tanks.

The delivery service includes these OEM-approved oils and lubricants from PETRONAS and Castrol, with sizes ranging from 5L containers right through to 205L drums.

Workshops can easily find the right oil or lubricant for their needs using CoolDrive’s iShop platform, and orders can be placed online or via the phone.

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