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How the Euro Tab III takes diagnostics to a new level

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For a diagnostic tool that works quickly to deliver comprehensive results, look no further than Launch’s Euro Tab III. The Euro Tab III’s 13-inch display comes packed with diagnostic features across more than 100 car brands which now includes McLaren.

It boasts 39 total service and reset functions including brake reset, coolant bleeding, air level calibration as well as battery and clutch matching. The Euro Tab III supports CAN, CAN FD, DoIP, J2534, D-PDU and RP1210 communication protocols and standards.

Its easy-to-use interface makes a mechanic’s job simple, and comes with in-built training and repair modules which help you track and fix issues fast. The Euro Tab III also comes with three years’ worth of free software updates, ensuring mechanics are as up-to-date as possible when using the diagnostic tool. With a generous 256GB of storage and wireless connectivity to the VCI, the Euro Tab III stands ready to tackle any high-speed task you throw its way with unparalleled efficiency.

Running on the robust Android 9 operating system, the Euro Tab III boasts a freshly engineered Launch APK for a seamless and potent user experience.

The complete package

As well as the Euro Tab III handset, the package also contains the Smartlink C communication interface.

This device attaches to the vehicle via OBD port and connects to the handset via wifi . The SmartLink C is perfect for working through advanced protocols including DoIP, CAN FD, D-PDU and RP-1210. The Smartlink C is a versatile and adaptable tool for automotive professionals who need to reprogram ECUs in vehicles, whether they are working with passenger cars or trucks.

Its J2534 compliance ensures that it meets industry standards for ECU reprogramming, and the optional VCI passenger car and truck software compatibility expands its usability to a broader range of vehicles. The Smartlink C not only supports but elevates your capabilities with Launch Super Remote Diagnosis (SRD). Through the Smartlink platform, mechanics gain the power to remotely tap into vehicles, performing advanced diagnostics, reprogramming, and recoding of ECUs using top-tier professional diagnostic tools, including OEM software. This provides tonnes of possibilities for efficient and comprehensive vehicle service.

All your gear sorted

Mechanics also have a chance to secure three powerful tools (outlined below) for free with their purchase of a Launch Euro Tab III.

Oscilloscope Module

This new tool from Launch easily detects high-level faults in electrical components like sensors, actuators, and circuits. When integrated with X-431 scan tools, it provides precise diagnostic information, expanding their functionality for shops and technicians.

TPMS Module

A powerful tool that enhances X-431 diagnostic tools, offering new features and revenue opportunities for mechanics.

TPMS RF Sensors

This is compatible with 95 per cent of OE sensors in both 315MHz and 433MHz frequencies, offers unlimited wireless reprogramming, and provides precise pressure measurements to 0.1BAR using a top-tier automotive-grade chip.

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