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FREE BOOK – How to get Profitable Fast

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James Mitchell is the CEO of Autosoft, Australia’s #1 Operations Software for Auto Workshop Owners. Over the years, James and his team have personally worked with hundreds, possibly even thousands, of workshop owners to help them solve their operational challenges.

James wants to help auto businesses be more successful. If you’d like to chat about your situation and experiences and the top challenges you face in your business, email James on [email protected] or call 1800 825 236. Mention you’re a reader of Australian Car Mechanic and he’ll personally give you a free business appraisal consultation.

James has also just released a book called “How to Get Profitable Fast”, which Australian Car Mechanic readers can received FREE by going to www.freeACMSuccessBook.Com.au.

For further information please contact; [email protected] or 1800 825 236. Get his book FREE www.FreeACMSuccessBook.com.au .

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