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Hubs and joints from GMB


When it comes to providing reliable hubs, bearings, and universal joints for cars, GMB is a name that mechanics trust. GMB’s range of products is made from top-quality materials and is tested to ensure they can withstand the demands of automotive repair shops.

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As mechanics, you need products that are built to last, and that’s where GMB comes in.
Their hubs, bearings, and universal joints are designed to meet the tough demands of the automotive industry.


GMB’s bearings are made of ultra-high-strength GRC steel and come with a proprietary G-10 resin finish. They’re
pre-loaded to reduce noise and vibration and are rigorously tested to ensure maximum durability. Their ABS sensors, used with wheel-hub assemblies, are made of 99.9% pure copper wiring, providing unbeatable electrical conductivity, meeting OE specifications, and reducing electromagnetic radiation.


GMB’s hubs are made from machine- roll-formed high-grade steel, which eliminates weak points like welds in the hub assembly, providing peak structural integrity.
GMB’s hubs and bearings are incredibly easy to install and come with a special bearing grease that provides unparalleled lubrication, thermal dissipation, and wash-out resistance.

The hub-bearing assemblies come with a triple and quadruple lip-sealing design and high-temperature-resistant rubber, making them tough enough to withstand harsh automotive conditions. Universal Joints GMB’s universal joints are made of chrome-molybdenum, superior-grade steel, and solid tubular design, making them tough enough to withstand demanding surroundings and temperatures.

The nitrile rubber used on the universal joints can handle extreme temperatures ranging from -40°C to +120°C and is coated with a proprietary protective formula across multiple layers, providing rust and wear protection. GMB’s universal joints are thoroughly tested to ensure they can handle their fair share and are incredibly resistant to chemical damage, whether they’re fully submerged or not.

GMB’s products are built tough and are tested to withstand the demands of the automotive industry. For more information about their range of wheel hubs, bearing assemblies, and universal joints, visit here or contact 1300 007 132 or email As a mechanic, you need products that you can rely on, and GMB delivers. Contact GMB to find your nearest stockist.

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