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A superior oil supplement that works.

When you’re focused on getting the most out of your engines, transmissions and differentials, it really pays to choose products from a proven source. Hy-per Lube by Rislone is proud to present the Heavy-Duty Oil Supplement which is a 100 per cent petroleum oil performance booster that has been formulated with premium base oils and petroleum-extracted additives. This oil supplement is specifically developed to be compatible with old and new systems at varying levels of duress and changing conditions. Whether the vehicle you are working on is a roadrunner or track beater, Rislone has you covered as this product is designed to ensure high performance protection to keep you going for longer.

As industry leaders, Hy-per Lube by Rislone has created a superior oil supplement that can turn petroleum and synthetic oils into a high-performance lubricant that improves your oil in five critical ways:

Increases Film Strength: over 75 per cent of internal wear occurs during the first few seconds of engine start-up. Hy-per Lube Oil Supplement leaves a protective film that will not run off all internal parts including cylinders and gears, providing complete protection against start-up wear

Lowers Temperature: all lubricants can foam. Foaming restricts the oil’s ability to dissipate heat which increases operating temperature leading to premature wear. Hy-per Lube’s anti-foam capability reduces foam, helps extend engine life, and lowers operating temperature

Prevents Thermal Breakdown: high performance additives ensure against viscosity and thermal breakdown. Hy-per Lube’s 100 per cent petroleum-based formula provides protection between oil changes and can extend oil life by up to 50 per cent

Reduces Friction: friction modifiers increase engine lubrication in new and old engines. Reduced friction extends engine life, provides more power and can increase fuel economy. This is a benefit for new and old engines, and will not void any warranty

Quiets Noise: heavy duty extreme pressure additives great enhance oil’s ability to cushion and absorb mechanical shock. In older, worn, engines Hy-per Lube also increases oil pressure to reduce lifter & valve ticking, knocks and other noises.

Hy-per Lube by Rislone Heavy-duty Oil Supplement is suitable for use with petrol and diesel engine, transmissions and differentials in cars, utes, trucks as well as industrial applications such as semis and tractors for automotive, industrial, construction and race cars. It is compatible with most lubricants including petroleum

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