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1170cc Xspurt Injector Upgrade

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Tune up with Injectors On line’s new 1170cc Xspurt performance fuel injector.

Australia’s leading source of automotive fuel injector components Injectors Online is excited to launch their new Xspurt 1170cc performance fuel injector.

The Xspurt 1170cc injector is made from a quality Bosch injector base and modified in house. The result is an improved injector design that offers an extremely smooth idle, instant response and tune-ability. These injectors are proving to bea tuner’s favourite as they are a breeze to tune, even at low pulse widths, yielding great horsepower gains with supporting modifications on dyno’s across the world.

The Xspurt 1170’s are extremely versatile and made with stainless steel internals to safely handle all fuels including E85, ethanol, methanol and pump fuels. They can be made to fit any car and are the perfect injector upgrade for a wide range of performance vehicles, including WRX’s, HSV’s, EVO’s, GT-R’s, Falcon’s and more.

With over 30 years of fuel delivery experience, the teams at Injectors Online have the expertise to ensure only the best quality fuel injection products are offered, along with the premium service and support of a proudly Australian owned company.

To find out more about Injectors Online new Xspurt 1170cc injector plus their range of fuel delivery performance parts, head to www.injectorsonline.com

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