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Installing High-Tech Brake Controllers Just Got Easier

Brake controllers and the rise of new vehicle technology.

We are in the midst of a vehicle revolution with the rise of electric vehicles coupled with exciting new driver assist technology are opening the doors for an exciting new era. An example of where this technology is rapidly advancing is centred around vehicle safety, in particular trailer braking.

When you look at many of the modern vehicles on Australia’s roads it is not uncommon to see an increasing amount of modern driving aids including Autonomous Emergency Braking, Adaptive Cruise Control, lane departure, collision avoidance to name just a few. Another difference is in the sophistication of what we tow, this has not only increased in size but mass too. It is an all too common occurrence to see a 3500kg caravan being towed by a dual cab ute. A high-tech brake controller that assists the driver in safe and comfortable motoring is paramount.

REDARC Electronics has been at the forefront of electric trailer brake controller technology, their Tow-Pro Elite is Australia’s undisputed favourite brake controller. Its ability to swap between Proportional and User-Controlled modes sets it apart from the competition.

Equally important to the safety offered by an electric brake controller is the installation. Another common feature in new vehicles are systems which alert drivers to not only driving dangers but also the condition of their vehicle. These systems can sense if a trailer is connected, if a vehicle or trailer light globe blows and can even sense impending sway. An incorrect installation can render these systems in operable and/or bring on fault codes.

In April 2020, REDARC released a range of Tow-Pro Wiring Kits which deliver a high-quality and reliable outcome for every installation whilst protecting the integrity of the vehicle systems, avoiding the setting of fault codes or damage to sensitive electronics. Each kit includes hardware and fitting instructions to deliver a high quality and reliable outcome for every installation. By offering two new Tow-Pro Universal

Wiring Kits, REDARC have streamlined the existing range of options down from 11 to just 3 kits. The advantage is that customers are now able to consolidate their stockholdings

  • Universal Tow-Pro Wiring Kit

(#TPWKIT-013): it is suitable for vehicles where the Start Battery, Tow-Pro Main Unit and cable run to the cabin are all in-line

  • Universal Tow-Pro Extended Wiring Kit

(#TPWKIT-014): it is suitable for vehicles swhere the Start Battery is on the other side of the vehicle from the rest of the installation. These two kits differ only in the provision of the length of the positive power connection.

The 2nd generation Tow-Pro wiring kits have been designed to suit a broader range of vehicles (almost all SUVs and LCVs) and ease the installation of the Tow-Pro Elite. These have been designed to suit the latest vehicle technologies, rationalised and are now Universal wiring kits.

The cross reference between the first-generation vehicle specific wiring kits and the new Universal wiring kits, is shown in the table.

The new Tow-Pro Universal Wiring kits join a complete range of accessories for the Tow-Pro range, including switch inserts, an encapsulated protection device, remote head wiring kits and a mounting bracket. All designed to simplify the installation of the unit into a wide variety of vehicles.

Like all REDARC products, the Tow-Pro Universal Wiring Kits come with REDARC’s distinguishing nation-wide support, including a 2-year hassle-free warranty and after-sales service to any questions which may arise.

For more information on REDARC’s range of Tow-Pro Elite, Universal Wiring Kits and related accessories visit
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