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Intelli-RV Range Upgrades

All the electrical functions on caravans are now under control with the upgraded Intelli-RV range by Projecta.
Projecta’s versatile and popular Intelli-RV range has been upgraded, providing caravan and recreational vehicle manufacturers and their customers with additional features and functionality, to help them safely and efficiently manage their battery and solar power requirements. The Intelli-RV range is designed to monitor all manner of electrical functions. Model dependent, this ranges from basic set-and-forget battery and charging system management, to comprehensive systems that can offer remote-controlled operation of water pump, appliance and lighting loads all from a user’s smart phone or tablet. The most significant upgrades can be seen on Intelli-RV PM300-BT, PM400 and PM435-BT models. At the request of customers, models that include a remote LCD screen now feature a single press select function for ‘Silent’,
‘Pump’ and ‘Load’ on and off, while there’s also new on-screen ability to revert to an old configuration where the confirmation press or double press is required. For faster and more efficient charging, Intelli-RV systems have been upgraded to accept a charge from both VSR and solar panels (if available) at the same time where previously it could only accommodate one or the other. To ensure that reliable power is always on hand, Projecta has also increased the voltage threshold for when the battery is in float charge. This upgrade helps get the battery in bulk charge faster, ensuring it is at maximum charge all the time. Across its versatile PM400 and PM435- BT models, the dimming frequency has been improved to provide greater compatibility for this feature across a wider range of L.E.D lights. As many caravan and RV owners will know, not all L.E.D lights can be dimmed, but the adjusted frequency may assist. For greater control, the dimming feature can also be turned on or off via the App that comes with Bluetooth-enabled models. Additional changes which follow customer feedback include the removal of the ‘beep’ sound when the phone connects to the LCD screen. Whilst this is a minor change it is one that will be well received by some users. The latest upgrades are now featured on all stock leaving Projecta’s warehouse, but owners of earlier Bluetooth variants (PM300-BT, PM400 and PM435-BT) can access the latest enhancements by downloading and installing firmware updates via their phone or tablet app.
For further information visit the Projecta website at ACM

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