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Introducing Launch’s AUSCAN 4

While already well-known for manufacturing top quality diagnostics equipment, Launch has taken it a step further for Aussie mechanics with its latest release: the AUSCAN 4. The latest scan tool ups the ante in every way on its predecessor the AUSCAN 3 when it comes to featuring more software, flexibility and storage than ever before. Launch has focused on delivering specific diagnostics software based on a mechanic’s specialties.


  • Three-year free software updates
  • 10.1 inch high resolution (1280×800) sunlight readable gorilla glass screen
  • Quad-core 2GHz processor, 4G memory, 64g storage and open Android OS (V10.0)
  • OEM level access to Australia, China, Asia, Europe and USA vehicles from more than 110 manufacturers
  • New diagnostic VCI connector DBSCAR VII supports more communication protocols including CAN, CAN FD, DoIP (extra DoIP cable required) and others
  • AUSCAN ADAS calibration supported
  • 2.4GHz/5GHz wifi connection support

The AUSCAN 4 comes with optional software for trucks, motorcycles, EVs, ADAS, agricultural and other machinery making it a go-to for mechanics looking for power and flexibility. Bells and whistles Sure, the AUSCAN 4 comes with all the functions an Aussie mechanic needs to get the job done. This includes battery matching and high voltage diagnostics, oil maintenance, engine power balance monitoring as well as calibrating seat occupancy, air level and motor angle among 33 total service functions. But AUSCAN 4 comes with a bevy of new additions that make it an essential for your workshop. As well as supporting vehicle makes from 110 manufacturers, the AUSCAN 4 boasts more than 30,000 guided functions for VW and AUDI models as well. For classic Ford and Holden users, the tool comes with BF/FG and VZ incode/outcode support respectively.

Like all of Launch’s tablets, the interface is seamless and easy with the AUSCAN 4 sporting the one-stop Info Centre which stays up-to-date with the latest vehicle repair information. As well as the Info Centre, swiping through menus is a thing of the past with AUSCAN 4’s easy access to vital information on diagnostic history, repair information and training videos. Three years of free updates will be easy installable via Launch’s One-Click update system too, keeping you on the job and not glued to the screen. When you are using the AUSCAN on a vehicle, it will be able to automatically identify its VIN and get to diagnosing quickly and smoothly.

The AUSCAN 4 will be available now, for more information visit launchtech.com.au or call 1300 369 788.

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