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Is Your Automotive Workshop Compliant?

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The Motor Traders’ Association of NSW (MTA NSW) has revamped its online shop product offering to help get you sorted with your automotive workshop regulatory needs.

As stated in the Motor Dealer and Repairers Act 2013, a motor vehicle repairer is required to include information about secondhand parts such as seats, engines and bumper bars in the Motor Vehicle Repairers’ Register. The register, if kept in writing, must be kept in a book with the following requirements:
• The book must consist of pages permanently bound together
• The book must include on its front cover a number corresponding to its number in the series (e.g. Book 1, Book 2 etc.)
• The book must be used for the purpose of register and no other purpose

The benefit of keeping these records is a means to safeguard your business.

You are required to display a sign which clearly states your motor vehicle repairer licence (MVRL) number or Motor Dealer (MD) number. In addition to this if you provide a pink slip/blue slip service to customers you are required to display an Authorised Safety Check sign on the premises of your business.

All these signs promote your business as a trusted workshop providing reassurance to your customers.

Non-compliance of the Motor Dealer and Repairers Act 2013 can lead to heavy fines and in extreme circumstances loss of licence to operate. Your business may be audited by the automotive regulatory authorities in your relevant State, if applicable. You may also be reported if found uncompliant by your customers themselves.

There are many helpful products in the market to assist with the day to day running of your workshop. One example is the ability to keep track of all services conducted via the use of Service Job Cards which helps to keep a record for yourself and your customer. These Service Job Cards can provide great insight into the types of services which are being provided and act as proof of a customer’s authorisation for work being performed by your automotive business.
A few other tips to boosting productivity in your workshop space are:

  1. Clear the floor – Use more of the vertical space in the workshop with storage racks to keep valuable floor space available for vehicles and technicians
  2. Mobility is key – mobile workstations make it easier to adjust workspaces quickly and safely
  3. Standardise jobs – assign bays to different, but common, vehicle work ensuring technicians have the parts and tools readily available
  4. Keep it clean – ensure you have all the products/signage to keep your workshop a clean and safe environment

The Motor Traders’ Association of NSW online shop now makes it easier to purchase all your workshop business requirements in a couple of easy clicks. Become an MTA NSW Member to access Member discount to all shop products.

To stay updated with all the automotive regulatory products, visit shop.mtansw.com.au or contact MTA NSW on (02) 9016 9000 and ask for the stationery department. To become an MTA NSW Member visit www.mtansw.com.au/become-member today.

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