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It’s The Best or Nothing

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Appreciated by technicians all over the world since 1919, German aftermarket exhaust manufacturers ERNST Abgastechnologie are renowned for the high quality and fit of their exhaust systems.

German car driving enthusiasts tell us “It’s the best or nothing.” ERNST are typically German in their fastidious approach to DPF manufacture and replacement procedures.

Strictly observe the repair guides and instructions of the manufacturer. Before and after replacing the diesel particulate filter, read the fault memory and document fault reports.

If specified test steps are not followed and occurring faults not eliminated, the newly installed DPF may become clogged after 50 -100 km, and no longer capable of regeneration. DPFs are not suitable for vehicles with performance upgrades (e.g. chip tuning).

• Retrieve and record ash content (often displayed in %)
• Retrieve and record soot content (often displayed in mg)
• Check function of differential pressure sensor (< 50 mbar is usually OK during idle)
• Check mass air flow sensor
• Check EGR valve
• Check vacuum lines for leaks and check condition of the lines to the differential pressure sensor – including using a vacuum pump if necessary
• Check temperature sensor upstream and downstream of DPF, as well as turbocharger
• Examine upstream oxidation catalytic converter
• Check glow plugs and control module (particularly BMWs)
• Check engine coolant thermostat and, if necessary, EGR thermostat
• Check injection nozzles
• Check charge air hose pressure (overpressure test)
• Check boost pressure sensor
• Actuator test, intake pipe flap (BMW swirl flaps)
• Check intake/intercooler pipes and hoses for leaks – intake manifold for residues
• Where fitted, check Eolys DPF additive system for correct function, check fill level.

DPF Australia is your ERNST Distributor, delivering reasonably priced, exceptional quality and service, technical and after-sales assistance.

No one knows more about DPFs. For further information call Charles Anderson on 1300 821 877, get in touch via email at [email protected] or visit www.dpfsales.com.au

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