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J-B Weld Going Strong

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Some 40+ years ago J-B Weld released their twin tube cold weld epoxy. The product was developed to repair metal components that could not be welded using a welding machine.

The end result was a permanent repair product that can be used on many different applications and materials and not just metal. The same original formulae is still used today.

Over the last 10 years the range of J-B Weld products has grown to more than 60-part numbers to include a syringe range, Silicones, putty sticks, thread lockers, Super Glues and repair kits.

The market acceptance of the J-B Weld brand in Australia has been phenomenal. The range is stocked in most stores, regardless of being an auto parts, industrial or hardware store. Further evidence of JB Weld quality is that the majority of stockists have stated that not only has the sales of JB Weld products been strong but it has improved the investment return in the total product category. What more could you ask for?

J-B Weld products are also innovative, not only in quality levels of their product class, but also in delivery systems. An example is the unique locking cap used on all syringes. The one way fitting locking cap allows for multi uses of the syringe without the contents going off after only 1 use.

J-B Weld brand has strong retail and trade presentation with dynamic visual artwork that also features the USA flag signifying manufactured in the USA and therefore synonymous with quality. Packaging is specific to the Australian and New Zealand market being fully GHS compliant.

In the USA J-B Weld products have earned a loyal and enthusiastic following from avid DIY’ers and repair professionals alike, offering a range of simple and affordable solutions that help just about anyone to take on small and large repairs throughout the home or workshop. In the USA J-B Weld hold a majority market share in their respective product category in all industries. That brand awareness and loyalty is now quickly building here in Australia.

The entire range of JB Weld products are now available in Australia. With national representation and several industry related sub-distributors we can customize an offer especially for your business.

For testimonials on J-B Weld simply look on YouTube. There are hundreds of video testimonials on J B Weld and how people use the products. There is also an independent test in Europe of three brands used in lifting a VW Beetle from the ground by gluing a tube as a pivot. The people doing the test doubted if J-B Weld would succeed due to the small volumes they were recommended to use. Did it work – check on YouTube.

Check out why J-B Weld is classified as “World’s Strongest Bond”.

J-B Weld is a permanent fix and not a temporary repair.

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