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JB Weld Two-Part Epoxies

by Digital Mayne Media

The JB-Weld company has been building an impressive reputation as “the world’s strongest bond” since 1969.

Today in 2021, the JB Weld twocomponent epoxies are worldrenowned for their reactive chemical compounds, which are highly effective and designed to be used in the harshest of environments.

These two-part epoxy products are described as having a cross woven pattern that provides extra strength, much like the job metal rebar does in adding strength to concrete, and once it sets, it’s tougher than steel.

J-B Weld Plastic Bonder is a quick setting, two-part Urethane adhesive system that provides powerful (3770 PSI) and long-lasting repairs. It works on thermoset, carbon fibre composites, thermoplastics, coated metals, concrete and more. With a 1:1 mixing ratio and setting in 15 minutes, this product is ready to be sanded after 30 minutes. Available in either black or tan colour, it cures to be a hard, permanent bond.

J-B Weld SteelStik is a hand mixable, steel-reinforced, non-rusting epoxy putty that quickly repairs or rebuilds anything made of metal. After mixing, it forms an industrial-strength polymer compound that can be moulded into shapes or used to build up, patch or repair steel components. It sets in 3-5 minutes and, after 60 minutes can be drilled, tapped, machined, ground, filed and painted. Rated at a tensile strength of 900 PSI and withstanding temperatures of up to 148°C, this product is certified by NSF, making it a Drinking Water Safe rating.

In our test, we put both products to the test with some inspiring results.

For the SteelStik, I mixed up a small amount of Epoxy putty, then used my grinder to clean back some metal on a section of I-beam. I then used the putty around the head of a coach bolt which I placed onto the freshly ground and clean section of I-Beam to see if the small amount of putty could hold and lift the heavy section structural steel. As you can see even the small amount of putty we used was more than enough to do the trick. This is an impressive product.

For more information visit www.hpplunds.com.au or get in touch with Ben Leonard on (07) 3722 1111.

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