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ACM Interviewed Adam Wright

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ACM caught up with Snap -on Australia to find out all about their history of innovation and productivity solutions.

Since Snap-on began in 1920, they have revolutionised the automotive industry with their productivity solutions. They have become the market leader in professional tools, an iconic brand, and trusted by mechanics across the world.

To understand why, we recently interviewed Snap-on Australia and New Zealand’s National Product and Marketing Manager – Adam Wright who provided not only insight into the strength of Snap-on’s business model but also what makes this a great business and a fantastic franchise opportunity.

Snap-on is one of the largest and most successful manufacturers and marketers of tool storage, hand tools, power tools, workshop equipment, diagnostic scan tools in the world. Snap-on manufacture high quality hand tools such as wrenches, sockets, pliers, ratchets and screwdrivers. They have an extensive range of power tools including air tools and a range of 14.4v and 18v Lithium Power tools. Plus they have expanded into Snap-on branded workshop equipment such as hoist, wheel balancing and alignment equipment. What makes Snap-on unique and exciting is that their entire range of professional tools are available through their mobile retail stores. Snap-on has a history of innovation, they were founded in 1920 by Joe Johnson who developed a new and innovative idea, the “interchangeable socket”. He invented five unique handles and 10 sockets that snapped on interchangeably. Prior to this the socket wrenches used by mechanics were one-piece units. Automotive mechanics quickly recognized the benefits of these tools and this is how Snap-on’s legendary productivity solutions were born.

“Snap-on started selling tools directly to technicians at their place of work, and over the last 100 years this model has remained unchanged. We are still taking the industries best tools and visiting customers every week at their place of work with our mobile showrooms,” said Wright.

The true strength of Snap-on is evident by how they have survived significant events throughout history. Snap-on has survived pandemics, World Wars, Global conflicts and Economics Crises and throughout this has continued to support the automotive industry.

“Throughout COVID-19 we were able to continue to assist essential workers and critical industries to help keep transportation systems working, by ensuring that technicians could continue to get the tools they need,” said Wright.

Snap-on has a stable business model and today they have more than 65,000 SKU’s and over 3,300 active and pending patents. Snap-on has expanded globally and is now in more than 130 countries around the world and has more than 4900 mobile stores globally. Snap-on expanded into Australia over 30 years ago and has grown to 180 mobile stores spread across Australia and New Zealand.

Snap-on is set to continue to grow and is set to remain one of the most innovative tool manufacturing businesses for years to come. Whilst they are renowned for their professional and high-quality tools, their franchise opportunity is less known.

“We have a limited number of franchise opportunities available across the country, for anyone willing to roll up their sleeves and work hard, then they can take control of their career and drive their own success,” said Wright.

For more information about Snap-on or their franchise opportunity visit www.snapontools.com.au

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