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Kränzle extends warranty through CoolDrive


The CoolDrive Auto Parts-sold Kränzle pressure washers now have an extended five-year commercial warranty.
German-manufactured Kränzle products are used throughout the auto, heavy machinery, transport and agricultural industries on vehicles.

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Its range of hot and cold pressure washers have a range of applications from truck wash bays to cleaning grease in workshops. They are even used on CoolDrive’s Blanchard Racing Team in Supercars.


Kränzle units boast many unique features such as its 10-year warranty-backed forged brass pump head. The head provides peak usability as well as product lifespan – a key point of pride in Kränzle’s products.
Another key feature is a quick-release plug-in system with hardened stainless-steel components which ensure simple and safe connection.
Kränzle pressure washers are fitted with a dry-run safety feature that reduces friction and temperature inside the pump via a fabric sleeve and teflon graphite black ring.

You can find more information about Kränzle’s range here.


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