KYB Releases Replacement Steering Components to the Aftermarket

OE suspension manufacturer KYB has commenced the global release of a range of ‘in-demand’ replacement steering components to the automotive aftermarket industry.

Supported by KYB’s 50+ years of designing and manufacturing steering components for OE customers, this extensive experience has enhanced the development and quality of the KYB aftermarket range.

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Within the Australian aftermarket, five KYB Steering product groups will be initially stocked by NGK Australia which include:

  • Ball joints
  • Tie rod ends
  • Steering rack ends
  • Stabilizer links
  • Control arms

“These components are crucial parts of a vehicle’s steering and suspension system and must be in excellent working condition, as they have great influence over a driver’s ability to maintain vehicle control and comfort,” explained Larry Coulthard, Group Product Manager for KYB.

Steering and suspension components have a long-standing partnership given both product groups are generally integrated to work cohesively with each other in a vehicle.

As KYB is the brand of choice for suspension products within the Australian aftermarket, it goes without saying using the manufacturer and designer premium steering components is a smart approach.

KYB are well regarded for their vehicle specificity, making each part ideal for its corresponding make and model.

Larry Coulthard concluded, “Just as it is with our suspension components, our process rings true with KYB steering components. Perfect fit first time, every time. KYB has been steering you in the right direction for over 50 years!”

To view the full listing of products please visit www.kyb.com.au

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