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There are numerous scan tools on the market, and it can be difficult to decide which tool or tools are the best fit for your business. When choosing a scan tool, your focus is on what will best suit your day to day business needs and the cars that find their way into your workshop.

Launch Tech Co Ltd has been developing and producing auto diagnosis equipment since 1992 and has sold over 1.5 million units worldwide. I have used LAUNCH products in the past and was looking forward to testing the AUSCAN 2

The AUSCAN 2 by LAUNCH is a standalone 10.1-inch-high resolution tablet scan tool powered by an MKT Quad-core 1.4GHz processor and operates on the Android platform. The software covers over 70 makes and is specific to the Australian market which is where unfortunately some other scan tools

fall short. As well as listing the vehicles covered by the AUSCAN 2 the software incorporates VIN recognition so the details of your vehicle can be loaded automatically.

The tablet connects to the vehicle through the wireless OBDII connector. I would recommend using the OBDII extension cable to prevent leaving the OBDII connector behind when you have finished using the scan tool. Even though a warning does come up when exiting the programme, it would be easy to do in a busy workshop and the connector is expensive to replace and will need to be paired to the scan tool.

The AUSCAN 2 kit also includes an extensive range of OBD I connectors for those older vehicles that might wander into your workshop. On testing the Toyota adapter, I was able to check for fault codes and some limited data using the AUSCAN 2 software.

I spent some time with Mark Luciano from Launch Tech Australia as he demonstrated the many features of the AUSCAN 2. After connecting the tablet to his phone via Bluetooth Mark demonstrated how the AUSCAN 2 is easily updated as well as being able to share files such as pictures taken on the tablet or Diagnostic Trouble Code reports between devices without the need for cables or software downloads.

During testing the AUSCAN 2 proved itself to be far more than just a simple scan tool. The menu is simple and user friendly. Once you select the vehicle, I recommend carrying out a Health Report and let the tool identify and scan the vehicle’s control units and list any DTC’s that are present. From here the tool starts to shine and I was really impressed with how comprehensive the Launch software is.

On my test vehicles I was able to successfully carry out service functions such as rear brake pad replacement and reset oil change intervals. It was reassuring that when I selected the function it worked and didn’t come up with the ‘rear brake pad replacement unsuccessful’ warning that I have come across on other scan tools which can leave you with a disabled vehicle and a frustrated customer. The special functions menu allows for more detailed work to be carried out. This is where you can find specific ECU functions such as re-setting values or writing in diesel injector compensation codes. During testing I used the special function menu to re-learn throttle actuator adaptions after carrying out an intake clean with excellent results and a smooth idling vehicle.

The AUSCAN 2 incorporates some helpful menu options to assist with your diagnostic work. The graphing function allows you to graph and record multiple data streams. The screen is large enough to graph four streams at once making them easy to read and compare. Other menu options include an Operating Skills menu which contains a list of manufacturer specific service bulletins and a DTC help feature which can identify common faults associated with a specific fault code. If needed the AUSCAN 2 will also do a Google search for the information related to a specific fault code.

Diagnosis can be a lonely task so if you are feeling stranded and at a dead end the AUSCAN 2 has a Remote Diagnosis and Feedback feature which allows you to communicate with LAUNCH technicians who can assist with your diagnosis as well as other technicians who have LAUNCH scan tools.

The AUSCAN 2 is a solid all-round performer when it comes to scan tools and with three years of free software updates represents great value for money. It’s good to see a Scan tool that focuses on the Australian market and is worth considering if you’re in the market for a scan tool for your business.

Call 1300 369 788 or 0432 739 318.

For more information visit http://www.launchtech.com.au

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