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Launching New ADAS Pro+ Equipment

by Digital Mayne Media

Logicar has announced the launch of new ADAS calibration equipment.

Logicar have aligned themselves with the Launch X-431 ADAS Truck, a fully foldable and portable heavy-duty recalibration stand that is easy to use. It features high precision millimetre calibration accuracy with laser ranging to locate and support fine adjustment and a user-friendly stepby- step scan tool illustrated guide. The Launch Truck ADAS coverage currently consists of Volvo, Nissan, UD, Isuzu, Renault, Iveco, Man and Scania with radar and forward-facing camera features.

For the last two years Logicar have supplied Launch ADAS mobile into workshops around Australia. The LAUNCH ADAS mobile is a real-world storage friendly calibration tool with 360-degree rotating wheels and fine-tuning height adjustment that adapts to uneven ground. It features laser measurement tools, such as the digital laser and five-line laser to streamline the setup process and establishes vehicle centreline and angles that adhere to OE standards for calibrations. With 23 manufacturer standard targets and advanced ADAS software offered in a Standard or Deluxe package, the everupdating vehicle coverage list includes many European, American, Asian vehicles. The mobile ADAS is supported by the Auscan 3 or Eurotab 2 scan tools and provides stepby- step instructions and image depictions for performing ADAS calibrations.

As the first of the Launch ADAS calibration packages to hit Australian workshops, the ADAS Pro+ works in conjunction with LAUNCH scan tools, Eurotab and Auscan 3, available through Logicar. With easy to locate camera calibration panels and an accurate positioned radar reflector panel, the system calibration can be carried out quickly and accurately. The Auscan ADAS Pro+ has the same feature benefits of targets and software as the Mobile ADAS.

All ADAS calibration products and compatible scan tools are available at Logicar. Call 1300 56 44 22 or visit www.logicar.com.au for more information.

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