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OEX has been providing the highest quality parts to the automotive market since 1997. Through the in-depth knowledge of the Australian automotive scene, OEX continually develops parts through innovation with its manufacturing partners. Having quality at the forefront of all products, OEX is ISO 9001 certified, ensuring its range meets certain criteria. This includes stringent engineering, testing and quality control procedures which ensure the highest level service and support for all OEX products is provided.

Automotive specialists trust OEX when it comes to installing auxiliary lighting on everything from passenger vehicles, 4x4s and much more. With a range of leading lighting products for automotive specialists, it is not a question of which brand to use, as OEX has been the lighting of choice for more than 20 years.

Whether it’s recreational, commercial, or agricultural applications, OEX’s range of rechargeable LED inspection lights support any area in need of lighting.

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The powerful LED inspection lights can be conveniently recharged using the supplied wireless charging base or alternatively be plugged into a USB socket. Not only the light, but the charging base features strong magnets built in for mounting and handsfree use.

Alternatively, if magnetic mounting is not available, two rotatable hooks can be found on the back for easy hanging. Available in two models, 250 lumens (LLX3000) and 300 lumens (LLX3001) depending on your desired brightness you can choose which will better suit your conditions. With a charge time of approximately 3.5-4hrs, you can guarantee the range of rechargeable LED inspection lights are there for you when you need them most.

Not just lights

So much more than just lighting, OEX offers the most comprehensive range of direct replacement parts, upgrades and accessories supported by Australian mechanics. When it comes to circuit breakers and heat shrink, you cannot beat OEX for quality and value. The extensive range of manual and automatic reset circuit breakers OEX has to offer are unique and innovative to the growing market.

The colour-coded circuit breakers with colour housings are an example of the continued innovation. The Type 1 Auto Reset Circuit Breakers are designed with bright case housing, colour-coded to amperage. This makes them an instantly identifiable part under the bonnet for recognition when replacing. demonstrates the industry experience OEX has to improve and innovate for the Australian market. The range includes terminals in a #10-32 thread (4.76mm), available in a wide of applications. OEX’s Mini Manual Reset Circuit Breakers are also making their mark on the 4WD, camping and adventure market as it is of great interest to those who are looking to maximise the precious under bonnet space.

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Exclusive to OEX, the Mini Manual Reset Circuit Breakers provide full circuit protection functionality, across seven amperages, in compact mini housings. No auto electrical workshop is complete without those small components to create a circuit including hat shrink tubing. Heat shrink tubing provides good electrical insulation, protection from dust, solvents, and other foreign materials. OEX offers a wide array of sizes in both red and black that will cover most auto electrical needs making it a great basic to always have on hand.

OEX also offers a wide selection of relays designed for various applications. From heavy-duty battery relays to everyday mini and micro relays, we’ve got you covered. Our mini relays are top-of-the-line, featuring sealed designs to protect against the elements, with the option of resistor or diode protection. Choose from a range of four and five pin models, available in change-over and normally open units.

These relays are made to meet or exceed OE specifications with the standard you have come to expect from OEX. OEX continue to expand and innovate for the Australian market, overcoming known installation issues, areas of improvement and continually launching new products. For more information on OEX’s range of lighting, electrical accessories, or their wider range, speak with your local NAPA Auto Parts and Repco team or visit napaparts.com.au or repco.com.au.

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