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Local Distribution Centres

by Digital Mayne Media

NAPA Auto Parts launches State-based distribution centres.

NAPA Auto Parts continues to invest heavily in local businesses via state-of-the-art distribution centres in NSW and WA to directly support the needs of local automotive specialists. Opening two facilities housing the comprehensive NAPA Auto Parts range ensures the right parts are available to customers locally, as opposed to transporting from the Brisbane hub, which has previously been the case. Importantly, the range housed in each distribution centre is based on the local needs and historic purchases of customers, meaning it’s not being used as a holding facility for stock in demand from other areas of the country. Julian Buckley, Executive General Manager NAPA Australia, is excited about the advantages and opportunities local distribution centres will bring the company. “Driving efficiencies, offering higher levels of service and having the right parts for local jobs is all a part of our NAPA Know How philosophy and an essential part of our business,” said Mr Buckley. The state-of-the-art sites include automated conveyers, barcode and scanner routing and pick to voice technology to ensure high levels of accuracy in picking orders. Whilst the distribution centre will hold a comprehensive range of Specialist Automotive and Mechanical products, having dedicated state-based distribution centres is something NAPA Auto Parts competitors have not been able to establish. “Local investment is critical to enable us to better serve businesses in the local area,” said Mr Buckley. NAPA Auto Parts continues to expand around the country after launching in Australia in April 2019. At the close of 2020, there were 28 locations nationally to support the needs of trade, industrial and mining specialists, with significant expansion planned for 2021.
For further information about NAPA Auto Parts and their growing number of Australian locations, visit www.napaparts.com.au

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