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Your business is unique, and the edge you need is unique too. That’s why APG’s advantage is tailored to offer you whole of business support so you can be more successful.

APG is Australia’s largest distributor of Genuine, Q-Part Certified, and Aftermarket parts, with specialisation in accident repair parts, alongside their catalogue of cooling (radiators, A/C condensers and more), and automotive electrical (alternators, starter motors, window regulators and more). They are also exclusive national distributors for MotorKool, Genex, Nocturnal and Rugged branded parts.

APG is building an alternate, independent, competitive supply chain to ensure our industry remains in the hands of qualified business owners. In their work inside the accident repair industry, they’ve seen the value of providing a competitive parts supply channel to challenge the dealerships. With the rise of large, national, parts stores, they see that same opportunity to support their industry’s independent businesses, by offering a support and partnership program that allows our independents to thrive in a challenging environment.

We know there is opportunity present for independent workshops to capture more of the consumer service revenue. Dealerships own more than their fair share of consumer revenue, while independent workshops hold a 52 per cent share of consumer servicing, while only accounting for 50 per cent of consumer revenue (source: AAAA Critical Industry Trends 2021). For the smart and capable independent, the industry mismatch in consumer revenue and servicing share points towards a growth opportunity for their business, via vehicle quality-of-life upsells and value-add services.

APG’s Partner Program will help your business capture more of the consumer service revenue. The Program is centred on creating growth for your business by delivering value services amongst a Partnership extending from APG to Independent Auto Store Distributors and through to their associated Workshop Customers. As such, they’ve tailored their program value on their four pillars of Business Support, Product Accessibility, Margin Generation, and proven National Distribution. They know a one-size fits all approach isn’t what the industry needs, and your business needs the right solutions.

With just under half of all workshops in Australia consisting only of an Owner/ Manager (source: AAAA Critical Industry Trends 2021), APG realises how precious your time is to maintain work output. So, when it comes to managing and improving your marketing presence in order to capture more business, it makes sense to leverage your business relationships. APG’s suite of Partner Programs have been specifically developed for the right business support, while you’re working in your business. Members of APG Partner Programs can option to redeem their rebates on a variety of business support initiatives, utilising APG’s professional business training, including sales and marketing support to keep your staff engaged, and drive new customers enquiries to build your brand.

If you’re running an Independent Auto Store or Workshop, APG understands you wear a lot of hats. If the business’s marketing hat doesn’t often get worn, the APG Partner Program marketing redemption inclusions are going to help your business. By redeeming your attributed value on a wide range of marketing support services, you’ll be able to leverage APG’s marketing services for your business. How you perform market activities is unique, just like your business. That’s why, on top of APG’s best practice suggestions for marketing activities, there’s almost no limit on what you can request to redeem your value on. So, you can redeem anything from a new website, vehicle signwriting, local sports team sponsorship, or new uniforms for your team.

In addition to redeeming marketing support services, you’ll also receive business support based on the product category(s) that your workshop is aligned with. That support ranges from digital presence on the supported product brand website, to branded product collateral, product training, inclusions in APG driven consumer facing marketing and first access to new additions to your chosen product category. For APG’s current group of MotorKool Distributors and Workshops, they have inclusions on the MotorKool website to increase their brand presence, and drive customers straight to their door. Of particular importance to their national network is the immediacy of the “Click to Call” button, location map, and “Get Directions” button. Those features give an actionable way for their customers to find the closest branch, call the store right from the page, or get directions from their current location via Google Maps.

A proven way to increase your revenue generation is to increase the range of products you have access to. APG’s product range allows your business to extend into direct fit lighting, door mirrors, and body parts (Genuine, Q-Part Certified, and Aftermarket), on top of APG’s extensive range of cooling products, and rotating electrical. Not to mention their full range of parts, from A/C condensers, radiators fans, window regulators and switches, workshop consumables and LED lighting, and into new products being developed every day. APG backs all parts sold with industry standard warranties, and their “no questions asked” No Fuss Warranty on selected parts gives you peace of mind. The next time you notice non-panel accident damage, you’ll now be able to keep more work in the shop and delight your customer as a onestop- shop. That’s less time off the road for your customers, and greater revenue opportunity for your workshop.

APG understands how critical it is for independent businesses to have reliable and timely supply of quality products that deliver you exceptional value. Which is why APG’s parts choice gives you the opportunity to expand and drive the competitiveness of your supply chain. By offering Genuine, Q-Part Certified, and Aftermarket quality parts, you can always find the part to align with your customer’s request and your margin generation requirements. All Genuine parts are sourced via APG’s direct and efficient international supply chain, and are exactly the same parts as you’ll receive from your local dealership. APG leverages this highly efficient Genuine supply chain to pass on the best possible value to you. The range of Q-Part Certified and Aftermarket parts allows you to choose parts based on fit, form, function and budget, whilst maintaining your customer satisfaction.

Getting vehicles on the hoist is no good, if you don’t have the parts to get them out the door again. APG services the parts industry from their five distribution centres, based in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, and Perth. Over 27 years APG has been investing in one of the industry’s most efficient supply chains and modern delivery fleet. For workshops and independent parts stores, that means the parts you need are often only hours away to let you finish up the job. In conjunction with APG partner independent parts stores, you’ll always be ensured the right parts at the right time, utilising their local knowledge to help drive our industry.

APG has recently moved into their Warehouse of the Future in Smithfield, Sydney. Their new Smithfield warehouse boasted an increase of 100 per cent in capacity over their previous location, and is designed for a whopping 24,000m² of storage. It houses a modern warehouse design to employ “parts to person” pick strategies. And utilisation of the latest in WMS to drive automation in parts locating and productivity in receival-to-supply cycle. APG customers will also have visibility of order placement, part pick status and delivery ETA’s. The environmental footprint has been considered also, with translucent roof panelling (for natural light source), water tanks, and a 100kw solar panel system. These features have granted the facilities a Green Star Approval and is measurable action towards APG’s near zero carbon footprint goal.

Sydney isn’t the only state to move into a new branch, with plans in place for APG’s head office and other state distribution warehouses to enter the new generation of warehouse and fulfillment technology.

Ready to find out how APG can help your business drive new customers to your door and improve your efficiencies?

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For more information visit http://autopartsgroup.com.au/authorised-partner-programs

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