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M7 ½” Air Impact Wrench NC-4650H

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In society we are moving more and more towards rechargeable battery powered devices and the automotive workshop is no different.

Whilst battery powered tools have made their way into the workshop there are still some jobs that require a pneumatic impact wrench.

The NC-465OH Air Impact Wrench from M7 has re-written the rules when it comes to pneumatic impact wrenches. Whilst most pneumatic impact wrenches are quite bulky, the NC-465OH weighs in at only 1.4kg with an overall length of just 104mm and yet still manages a max torque of 900Nm.

The most common uses for the impact wrench are removing wheel nuts or other bolts that require a bit of persuasion which limits their use due to their high torque outputs.

During testing the M7 NC-465OH proved itself to be a far more versatile tool than other traditional impact wrenches. Its six variable torque settings (three forward and three reverse) allowed for the removal and fitment of various nuts and bolts on the vehicle with control as well as avoiding any over tightening.

Don’t let its size fool you, the smaller overall size and ergonomic rubberised grip fit nicely in your hand and reduce vibration transfer whilst still packing a punch and allowing greater access around the engine and other parts of the vehicle. Just be sure to wear ear protection as it is a tad noisy.

One of the drawbacks of pneumatic impact wrenches is that they do require maintenance. The NC-465OH has the M7 patented EZ Grease Anvil which using the supplied syringe allows you to easily grease the inner working parts through the grease port in the anvil keeping the tool in top working condition.

The NC-4650H from M7 is a lightweight, versatile tool that can handle itself in the automotive workshop and is a game changer when it comes to pneumatic impact wrenches.

Reviewed By Adam Watkins

M7 Tools are available from Burson Auto Parts and most leading tools stores across Australia.
To find out more about the M7 ½” Air Impact Wrench NC-465OH visit http://www.m7tools.com.au

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