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Make Your Job Easier

by Digital Mayne Media

Your equipment is part of maintaining a good professional and profitable service division. If you haven’t bought any equipment in the last two years, chances are things will be looking a little antiquated.

If you need to remove or install engines and gearboxes from vehicles on regular basis for your mechanical workshop or garage, Hare & Forbes Machineryhouse defiantly has the perfect solution for you to make this job significantly easier, quicker and importantly with more accuracy and control. Simply connect your engine and gearbox combination to a chain block (not included) and lift to the desired height. Then it is as easy as unlocking the brakes and wheeling the gantry out for removal or wheeling in position ready to lower for installation.

The Mobile Girder Rail Gantry is distributed by Hare & Forbes Machineryhouse and comes with the following features:
• “No Bull Capacity” – Australian tested and rated to true working capacity
• 1 tonne load capacity
• 2540 – 3600mm adjustable gantry height with quick release safety locking pins – both ends
• 2300mm inside frame clearance
• 2600mm outside frame width
• 4 x swivel caster wheels with brake.

The available accessories for the Mobile Girder Rail Gantry are two:
• 1T Girder Trolley
• 1T Chain Block.

Designed for professionals and enthusiast workshop mechanics, the range of HAFCO engine stands provides an efficient and practical solution for anyone working on engines.

The HAFCO ESR-450 engine stand has a capacity of 450 kg and incorporates innovative design features for safety and functionality. This stand is operated via a geared worm drive that provides precise positioning with minimal effort.

This geared mechanism has a manual crank handle mounted at the rear of the stand. The crank can be operated with around 95 percent less human physical strength than conventional stands. The geared crank allows the user to easily rotate an engine block 360 degrees through any convenient angle position, with the major benefit of easier access when rebuilding an engine or dissembling components.

Engineered for user convenience, supporting legs are located beside the engine suspension area for complete engine access through full rotation. The open leg design is very handy, as it enables a fluids catchment vessel to be placed directly under the centre line of the engine for convenient collection of used lubricants and coolants.

Four caster wheels let you move the unit safely and effortlessly across the floor to exactly where the stand is needed.

Like all models in the HAFCO engine stand range, the ESR-450 is manufactured from high grade steel with a super durable powder coated finish, with rigid components secured with heavy-duty nylon lock nuts that ensure the stands remain tight and rigid.

If you are tight for space and need to store the engine stand, its legs easily fold up and secured with heavy duty pins.

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