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Manage Your Accounts Payable And Accelerate Business Growth

by Digital Mayne Media

Remove the resource-draining work out of processing and paying invoices.

Did you know that automated payment solutions can help businesses to reduce their invoice processing time by up to 74 per cent? Spenda helps businesses to manage their payments with ease and provides auto workshops with smart digital tools and systems that simplify the way your business handles invoices.

By using Spenda, along with easy integration into your accounting system, you can benefit from:
• Access to extended payment terms: Pay by credit card, even if your supplier does not accept cards and take advantage of extended payment terms and rewards programs (subject to the terms offered by your card provider) • Pay multiple suppliers in one place: Conveniently view and pay suppliers from one easy-to-use dashboard. Track, group and batch-pay outstanding invoices and, at a glance, gain visibility on your outgoing payments
• Reduce human error and improve accuracy: Benefit from fewer hours needed to process invoices. Reduce the likelihood of data-entry errors, remove duplicated payments and enable better transparency, collaboration and cost-savings across your business.

Ready to supercharge your invoice management processes? Get started with a free, no-obligation 30-day trial.

Give Spenda a call on 1300 682 521 or visit www.spenda.co/automotive

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