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Mechanical Mum pays visit to Ryco factory

Mechanical Mum

Mechanics social media sensation The Mechanical Mum was able to get an up-close look at what makes Ryco filters one of the top premium options on the market.

Gabbi Schneider – the face behind Mechanical Mum – visited Ryco HQ in Melbourne’s west, to check out the company’s top-of-the-line labs and testing facilities.

She said while her family’s workshop in Perth used Ryco filters frequently, getting a first-hand look at how they’re perfected was another kettle of fish.

“It’s amazing, because I’m not a qualified mechanic – being able to learn more about the nitty gritty, in-depth side to filters,” Gabbi said.

“The boys will send through a note saying the filter needs to be replaced, and it’s my job to then explain to the customer what that means and why they should spend the money.”

Beyond the packaging

Guiding Gabbi through Ryco was its General Manager of Engineering Innovation and Quality, Alastair Hampton.

He said given Ryco’s reputation as a premium filter supplier, connecting with independent workshops and consumers was hugely important.

“The more chances we have to talk to consumers, workshop owners and mechanics, it’s better for us,” he said.

“This is because that’s our audience, whenever people are interested enough to come and talk to us directly, we’re always happy to show them our labs, and what the point of difference is for our brand.

“We’ve got people here developing locally, responding to what Australians are after from filtration.

“From that we can see opportunities and create products that we think will better meet the needs of consumers locally.”

Between oil, fuel and air filters, Gabbi was able to check out all the ways Ryco ensures its products are the best they can be before heading out to market.

This included Ryco’s range of Syntec premium oil filters, which remove 99.8 per cent of contaminants, easily exceeding OEM specs.

“Ryco has such amazing products, we’ve been using them for as long as I’ve been at the workshop and probably longer,” Gabbi said.

“Being able to see what goes into the testing behind them means we can trust them when we put them into cars.

“Even being able to touch two different oil filters … that difference makes it a no-brainer for us. There’s a lot of value in being able to see what goes on behind the scenes.

“Those Syntec filters … physically feeling those has been a massive difference.”

About The Mechanical Mum

Gabbi works at her husband’s workshop (Scheider Mechanical & Tyre Centre) in Dianella, Perth. In 2019, she started The Mechanical Mum – a blog/vlog aiming to help boil down the mechanic world to everyday folks. A few years later, and The Mechanical Mum is proving massively popular thanks to its relatable content.

“We’ve been pushing it over the last two months… we’ve been putting out Instagram and TikTok,” Gabbi said. “The feedback we’ve been getting – people are blown away. “We did something on tyre sizes – when you ring up for a quote on tyres, you need to know the sizes.
“Most people don’t know how to find their tyre sizes, even the younger generation mostly knows even less. “Just being able to educate people is a huge passion for me. It started mainly for women, but it turns out there’s plenty of guys that don’t know what we’re talking about.”

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