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MINI Clubman And BMW5 Series

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Autodata looks into reported issues with MINI Clubman and BMW5 Series models.

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MINI Clubman


We are experiencing a problem with a 2008 MINI Clubman. There is a clicking noise from the rear suspension over uneven surfaces. We have visually checked the rear suspension components but cannot fault them. Do you have any ideas what could be causing this noise?


A clicking noise has been reported on Clubman models produced between 01/01/08 and 16/11/08. The clicking noise is due to the rear shock absorber upper mounting not correctly seated, due to protruding weld spatter on the vehicle floor.

Remove the rear shock absorbers. Inspect the area indicated for weld spatter (Fig.1). Using a suitable tool, remove weld spatter and apply paint to affected area to match body colour. Carry out road test to ensure clicking noise has been eliminated.

BMW 5 Series


We are having a problem finding the source of a water ingress on a 2011 BMW 5 Series. The front passenger’s footwell carpets are wet after heavy rain. We have a general idea of where the water ingress is coming from but our attempts to stop it have failed so far. Can you help?


The problem you have described has been reported by other BMW 5 Series (F10/ F11) owners with models built between 03/08/09 and 10/02/14. The water ingress is due to loose AC/heater blower motor housing retaining bolts. Tighten the AC/ heater blower motor housing retaining bolts to the correct torque of 2,5-3,5Nm (Fig.2). Water test the vehicle to ensure the fault has been eliminated. Dry out the carpets as necessary.

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