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Mobil 1™ and Galmatic Get the Good Oil on Car Maintenance

Providing car maintenance classes to female and learner drivers is a challenge Galmatic takes in its stride. Now, the automotive educator aims to bolster its Car Maintenance Life Skills Program with the assistance of key sponsor, Mobil 1.

Since 2007 Galmatic founder Eleni Mitakos and her team have educated more than 100,000 students annually in the fundamentals of car maintenance. The program provides its students with general maintenance and car upkeep skills, while also empowering them with the knowledge they need to make visits to the mechanic less daunting.

“One of the main concerns and questions we hear in our workshops is ‘how do I know what to look for, or what do I ask the mechanic?’. Partnering with Mobil 1 helps us to give our students the answers,” explained Mitakos.

The hands-on car maintenance workshops and online courses provided by Galmatic aim to help female and learner drivers feel more confident behind the wheel. Mitakos said she believes understanding the difference a quality product can play in maintaining a vehicle is an important part of that process.

“Brand partnerships and alliances help us keep our students up to date and well informed,” Mitakos continued.

“We know the importance of having industry knowledge and information to share to help empower Australian drivers. The mix of information as well as the hands-on skills they learn helps create confidence behind the wheel,” she added.

It’s a sentiment echoed by MotorActive chief operating officer, Adrian O’Donoughue.

“Despite significant advances in gender equality, there are still misperceptions and assumptions about women’s interest in cars,” said O’Donoughue.

“The car parc is made up of around 50 per cent women, and often they are the decision makers when it comes to the purchase of a car, accessories and maintenance.

“The industry can be male biased, and the temptation is to concentrate marketing initiatives on males. Galmatic proves that females are very interested in their vehicles, which is why Mobil 1 is so supportive of its programs,” he added.

As a spokesperson for Mobil 1 in Australia, O’Donoughue says the involvement with Galmatic was equally important in giving learner drivers an appreciation of high-quality automotive lubricants that is hard to foster elsewhere.

“It’s also great to see kids learning about car maintenance basics and appreciating the difference in oil qualities,” O’Donoughue continued.

“Following Galmatic’s teachings and benefitting from the performance and protection of Mobil 1 oil, drivers of the near future can begin their road adventures with greater confidence, education and safety,” he concluded.

Mobil 1 was introduced in 1974 as the world’s first fully synthetic automotive motor oil. Designed to safely enhance fuel efficiency and reduce engine wear in a wide range of applications, Mobil 1 has continued to push forward the boundaries of automotive lubricant technology ever since.

Mobil 1 can be purchased at Repco, Sparesbox, Autobarn, and leading independent mechanics around the country.

For more information visit www.m1oils.com.au

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