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Mobil – Proven Performance

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Motor Active releases comprehensive Mobil range to workshops nationally.

Mobil 1TM, the world’s leading synthetic engine oil, is available nationally through MotorActive’s extensive distribution chain, and discerning workshops can access a comprehensive portfolio of Mobil products, including Super 3000, Super 2000, Super 1000 and Delvac.

When MotorActive secured distribution rights for Mobil 1 from parent company ExxonMobil mid last year they initially offered a limited range of products, but a much more complete offering can now be ordered. MotorActive offers a wide range of Mobil engine oils for passenger cars, light commercial vehicles, trucks, motorcycles, all-terrain vehicles and racing cars.

The Mobil range also includes gear and transmission fluids.

“MotorActive wants to see Mobil 1 regain the number one performance oil position in the market, and with our expanded range ready to order we believe we can achieve this,” MotorActive managing director Bruce Morrison said.

“One of the nation’s most respected oil brands, Mobil 1 is designed to achieve an optimal balance of power, fuel economy and emissions. A unique formulation helps car owners get the most out of their vehicles and keeps engines running like new.”

“Mobil 1 is also the preferred performance oil for some of the world’s biggest car makers, including Porsche, Mercedes-AMG, Aston Martin and Bentley, to name a few.

Their commitment to Mobil 1 means you can have absolute trust in the brand.”               

The advantages of ordering Mobil 1 oil through MotorActive are twofold. Not only does the company offer a broad range of oils, but its sales staff put customers first.         

“This means we have the breadth of product to suit the needs of different workshops and the vehicles they maintain and service,” Bruce Morrison said.          

“The key differentiator compared to our competitors is customer service. Our team  is not on commission, so when we visit our customers we focus purely on their needs, rather than hard-selling.”            

“Our staff also know the products better than anyone, so we can advise on the best Mobil 1 product for a workshop customer’s vehicle needs.”        

Mobil 1 oils and lubricants are renowned globally for their unsurpassed engine protection capabilities. Considering their superior resistance to high temperatures, great low temperature performance and exceptional cleaning power, they offer proven performance and better look after the vehicle’s engine. Mobil 1 is also engineered to lower a vehicle’s oil and fuel consumption.           

To order Mobil lubricants – as well as bulk drums – directly from MotorActive call the sales team on 1800 350 622 or visit www.m1oils.com.au for more information. Mobil 1 can also be purchased through hsy Autoparts.

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