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Prepare to see pickup trucks start dominating Australian roads.

There’s sell-out demand for the new RAM Trucks with their incredible carrying and towing capacities as well as the unmistakable presence of a big American pickup truck.

These RAM Trucks are not just American imports with drive conversion as an afterthought; American Special Vehicles have created a special facility in Victoria using OEM standard components to create a factory quality, right hand drive pickup truck for the Australian market.

With a strong history in the industry, Molnar Hoists were selected by ASV to provide the reliability, local technical support and backup to handle the all-day-every-day lifting for the RAM Truck production line.

Because of demand, plans are now to install even more Molnar Hoists to meet the target production output of 15 RAM Trucks per week and clear the customer waiting list.

Call 1300 MOLNAR to ramp up your workshop output today.

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