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Molnar Hoists takes Australia by storm with their M245 Universal 2 post hoist and the Nussbaum lifts.

Since its launch in 2015, the M245 ‘Universal’: 4.5 Tonne 2 Post Hoist by Molnar Hoists has been a game changer, becoming the new standard for vehicle lifting in professional workshops. As early market feedback suggested, not only the ‘Universal’ has been popular, but it is set to become an icon of Australian automotive workshops and even an export winner.

Built to provide the same Australian Made, rugged reliability Molnar Hoists is known for, the M245 ‘Universal’ also provides 4.5 tonne lifting capacity, asymmetric arrangement and a fast lift speed. The range of possible options allows for tailoring to suit individual workshop requirements including different widths, heights and arm types. The ‘Universal’ concept is to manufacture the core unit on which customers can add their required options even if it is later down the track and their needs change.

The M245 structure is formed and welded in-house at the Molnar Hoists factory just outside of Adelaide, South Australia. The electro-hydraulic power unit feeds the dual pull cylinders providing the lifting speed and power. The product has a neat, clean finish with the mechanisms placed behind covers with designs both functional and aesthetically pleasing. With the in-house powder coating facilities, Molnar Hoists can display a customer’s corporate identity in almost any colour and combination. With hoists being such an integral part of a workshop and the image of the service workshop increasingly more important in attaining customers, custom coloured hoists can be a key marketing tool.

Molnar Hoists places a lot of focus on value and the total cost of ownership to customers so improvements go beyond what can be seen. The packaging was revised several times to achieve the optimum result reducing material cost and shipping costs. Reducing component count has simplified the design and made the installation quicker and easier. The special low friction polymer slide blocks ensure maintenance is minimised.

In 2015 the company also brought the Nussbaum’s premium, made-in-Germany lifts with their new ‘Hyperflow’ technology to Australia. A true innovation and an example of precision German manufacturing, ‘Hyperflow’ takes the already innovative NT technology to the next level. How it works is a carefully guarded and patented secret but the result is an elegant integration of balance and safety.

If you are interested in a brochure, video or would like to organise a demonstration, contact Molnar Hoists on 1300 MOLNAR or visit the website www.molnarhoists.com.au

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