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When it comes to pneumatic impact wrenches, M7 cover everything from 1/4” up to 1-1/2” Drive.

Given the growth of sales in small, compact Asian and European vehicles, space is often a significant issue and the priority is a small compact tool that still has enough torque to remove that stubborn bolt. Alternatively, you may have a large truck or heavy machinery where you need to remove a large number of nuts and require 2700 Nm or torque to get the job done.

Lighter, quieter and more powerful is the essence of the M7 product strategy and the engineering team at M7 are constantly pushing the boundaries in the strive to deliver the most compact, powerful pneumatic tools on the market.

It is this passion that drives M7 to develop and now range more than 300 tools across 27 sub-categories


When the trade professional is using impact wrenches for most of the day, weight is an integral part of the purchase decision in trying to minimise fatigue. M7 pneumatic tools are up to 45 per cent lighter than other major pneumatic tool brands with the same power due to a specially engineered magnesium alloy composite material and the use of more compact motors and gear systems, this delivers a more compact, lighter and better-balanced tools for the professional contractor.


M7’s Q Series one of the quietest pneumatic tools on the market today, specially engineered silencing material is used to filter motor and gearing noise through an integrated air inlet and exhaust system without minimising the power or efficiency of the tool. This means many Q Series impact wrenches are as low as 83 dBA.

More Powerful

Whether you need a small 3/8” butterfly wrench for removing engine parts in tight spaced Japanese and European vehicles or you need 2500 ft/lb of torque to get the job done on your truck and heavy machinery, M7 have the impact wrench for you. With more than 75 Impact Wrenches stocked in Australia there is the perfect solution for every automotive professional and every application.

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