Motor Staff’s Approach

Motor Staff: connecting clients and candidates since 1995.

Automotive recruitment specialist Motor Staff has forged a nationwide reputation for its efficient and effective approach to bringing together employers and candidates over the course of more than two-and-a-half decades, distinguishing its comprehensive service offering by maintaining the highest standards of professionalism at all times.

Established in 1995, Motor Staff has not only built a strong foundation in catering to industry specific recruitment needs – based on time-tested methodologies, developing constructive relationships with both clients and candidates – but has also evolved with the market over the years by actively integrating new approaches and technologies.

This includes the development of an industry-specific database, encompassing more than 35,000 experienced professionals, and actively harnessing a range of online tools, including LinkedIn, Facebook, Seek and Indeed, as part of a wider digital strategy, with Motor Staff maintaining a strong online presence.

Of course, highly qualified and knowledgeable staff are required to oversee the recruitment process, with Motor Staff’s specialist consultants well informed about market trends, benchmarks and recruitment legislation, and trained in the techniques of screening and interviewing candidates.

Motor Staff’s recruitment services cover all facets of the automotive industry – from service and parts to senior management and everything in-between. Their clients include mechanical workshops, panel shops, franchised new car dealerships, agriculture, mining, heavy vehicles, spare parts, material handling and the motorcycle industry.

Motor Staff treats both clients and candidates as partners with an underlying focus on developing relationships based on trust and respect, which in turn bolsters the recruitment process.

“We make it our business to precisely understand each opportunity and fill that role with the best candidate on the market.”

Motor Staff’s dedicated Talent Acquisition Team draws on an extensive nationwide network of candidates, including large numbers of “passive” job seekers, and is uniquely positioned to identify and source the best and brightest talent on offer.

In weighing up suitable candidates, Motor Staff is strongly focused on developing a thorough understanding of both the role and organisation it is recruiting for, based on the principal that compatibility is critical, which allows it to confidently place candidates who will excel in their new role.

This approach involves considering not only a candidate’s skills and technical expertise, but also takes into account how they will fit in with the culture of a company, based on the recognition that management style, communication processes and general company values can have a huge impact on a candidate’s ability to thrive in a new role.

Having honed its recruitment processes over the last 25-plus years, Motor Staff can quickly and precisely determine candidate suitability for specific roles, with 78 per cent of the roles it is tasked with recruiting filled within 15 working days.

In fact, not only does Motor Staff’s approach encompass genuine care for a quality result, but its “guaranteed replacement” policy, a key component of its hard-won reputation as an ethical organisation, also eliminates any risk that might come with outsourcing recruitment needs.

Motor Staff has positioned itself as a productive resource for clients in need of recruitment services, allowing organisations to focus on their core business activities, and reducing the stress and associated expenses that often come with making poor or rushed hiring decisions.

Taking this into account, when the number of hours spent on the recruitment process is considered, in addition to the advertising and opportunity costs, Motor Staff has positioned itself as a very cost-effective option.

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