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MotorTech: Haynes Manuals AllAccess

by Digital Mayne Media

VACC’s MotorTech is growing in popularity with many members signing up to take advantage of the different sources of automotive diagnostic and repair information, that have been brought together under a single online platform.

One of these sources is Haynes Manuals AllAccess, which puts the entire portfolio of the famous Haynes Manuals at your fingertips, whenever you need them. Haynes Manuals are written from hands-on experience based on a complete vehicle tear-down. Haynes usually buys one or more project vehicles for every manual, and strip down all relevant components. Then, put the cars back together again, renewing any worn parts. They have two highly skilled technicians in their project workshop who assist and advise the technical authors.

The interval between a vehicle arriving in the workshop and the corresponding manual being available is around six months. The actual writing takes a pair of technical authors about three months, of which roughly one month is spent in the workshop. Hundreds of photographs accompany each manual’s step-by-step instructions. These instructions cover many aspects of vehicle repair not found in other online systems, such as;
• Clutch and transmission replacement
• Steering and suspension servicing
• Exterior body parts replacement like bumpers and mirrors
• Interior trim removal like dashboards and door trims
• Chassis electrical such as audio systems, cruise control and lights

The images in Haynes Manuals AllAccess are high resolution and in colour, so you can zoom to clearly see fine details. Also, many of the manuals in the Haynes Manuals AllAccess system come with extra or updated content. Such as additional images and videos showing various processes.

Haynes Manuals AllAccess is available in all three of the levels of VACC MotorTech. After you have logged into the MotorTech website, click on the “Haynes AllAccess” tab on the top right (see the top of this page for an example). From there, select your make and model of the vehicle, and you will be presented with the manuals. Select the one you want and then navigate to the section you need.

For more information about VACC’s MotorTech and Haynes Manuals AllAccess, go to motortech.com.au or call MotorTech Support on (03) 9829 1268.

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