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MTA NSW campaign breathing new life into apprenticeships

As a frontrunner in automotive training, MTA NSW is rolling out a new advertising campaign, “Learn An Auto Trade In The Real World,” aiming to rejuvenate interest in automotive apprenticeships and reshape outdated perceptions about the industry.

The campaign is a tactical blend of traditional and digital marketing strategies designed to reach a wide audience.

Matt Connor, General Manager of Marketing with MTA NSW said “we’re not just talking about training; we’re talking about transforming the way people think about automotive careers.”
“Our approach breaks away from the conventional classroom model, emphasising one-on-one real-world, hands-on training.”

Running from mid-April to mid-August 2024, the campaign incorporates:

  • Targeted Digital and Audio Ads: Leveraging AI technology for precise ad delivery, the campaign has already achieved over 1.5 million impressions and 630,000 audio listens.
  • Outdoor Advertising: Billboards and bus back ads placed in key locations around Sydney and NSW draw attention from high-traffic areas, directly reaching potential apprentices.
  • Radio Advertising: A series of programmatic radio spots have been broadcast across the region, connecting with around 165,000 listeners.
Image: MTA NSW

The campaign’s impact on MTA NSW’s visibility and engagement levels is substantial. Website traffic has spiked impressively, with April seeing an increase to 17,500 visits up from the usual 2,000-5,000 range.

This surge in interest not only highlights the campaign’s effectiveness but also signals a growing acknowledgment within the industry that the MTA’s training model is attractive to both employers and apprentices.

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