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NARVA Master Ratchet Crimping Kit

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The modern motor vehicle is jammed packed with electrical equipment, not to mention all the accessories that are being fitted to 4WDs – LED light bars and fridges come to mind.

It is necessary at times to either make or repair a wiring harness. There is quite an array of electrical connectors available these days and, like most technicians, I have a drawer of crimping tools to match, as having the right crimping tool is necessary to produce a quality electrical connection.

Here at the Northern Sydney Institute we tool tested the Narva Master Ratchet Crimping kit. This kit covers crimping for insulated, non-insulated, cable lug, AMP Superseal 1.5mm crimp and weather pack terminals. The ratcheting pressure is easily adjusted and the tool is quite comfortable and lightweight to use.

There are no tools required to change over the crimping heads. You just slide them in and out and they lock in using an indent ball. They fit firmly into the jaws and don’t fall out when using the tool. Both sides of the crimping head sets are clearly marked so there is no chance of mixing them up. Just make sure to put both crimping heads back in the box!

The crimping heads are quite sturdy and don’t feel fragile when under pressure. Each of the crimping heads we tested produced a neat and sturdy crimp over several different wire sizes.

This tool is ideal for the workshop or for the home. So it might be time to clean out that drawer in your toolbox and make space for the one tool that crimps them all.

Visit www.narva.com.au or call 1800 113 443 for more information.

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