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Narva ‘Seeezy’ L.E.D Rechargeable Lamp Range

Following the success of the original ‘SeeEzy’ L.E.D under bonnet rechargeable lamp (Part No.71230), Narva has expanded the range to include a magnetic, mountable variant (Part No. 71228), providing even greater versatility.

Using its powerful magnets, the new lamp easily mounts to any metal surface and will fit under most car and commercial vehicle bonnets, while also providing the flexibility to be secured to workshop hoists, hoist arms, toolboxes and even underneath vehicles to components such as chassis rails or similar, allowing the technician to work more efficiently by keeping both hands on the job. Users can rest assured that with its durable foam covered magnet, the lamp won’t scratch or damage the surface it is mounted to.

With its two powerful, long-life 5W ‘COB’ L.E.Ds, the new lamp provides an impressive, 6000°K of bright, white light output that clearly illuminates the work area.

Depending on the task at hand and the level of light needed, the user can either use a single light (producing 350 Lumens) or both together for a total of 700 Lumens of brightness.

Each of the two L.E.D housings can also be swivel adjusted up to 40 degrees, ensuring superior light adjustment to the area where it’s most needed. Additional adjustment is also provided by the magnets’ 90 degree hinges which allows light to be projected across a large range of movement.

As well as producing a bright light output, the new SeeEzy lamp’s high quality lithium ion battery provides between 6 and 15 hours’ run-time depending on the light output selected, meaning it’s unlikely to require charging in the middle of a job.

When charging is needed between use or at the end of the day, the process is as easy as plugging the lamp into a USB socket using the supplied cable (AC adaptor is also included). Charge time from fully discharged to a full charge is only 6.5 hours, while an easy-to-read battery level indicator ensures the user always knows how much charge they have.

Developed with demanding workshop conditions in mind, the new lamp features aluminium, ABS and polycarbonate material construction to provide a tough, yet lightweight product that is easy to mount and move around the workshop whilst also providing a viable option as a caravanning and camping light.

Narva’s new ‘SeeEzy’ Magnetic Mount, Rechargeable L.E.D under bonnet lamp is backed by a 12-month full warranty and three year L.E.D warranty, and can be purchased from leading automotive and outlets transport nationwide.

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