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Narva Winter Road Safety

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A reminder from Narva to check your headlights as we go into winter.

With many vehicles returning to our roads amidst an easing of COVID-19 restrictions, NARVA is urging motorists to not only check their vehicle lighting for blown globes, but also consider replacing or upgrading their headlight globes for improved visibility.

“Winter is always more dangerous on the roads. They’re often wet, we have reduced visibility from rain and fog and less daylight hours means we’re more likely to use our headlights driving to and from work. On top of this, drivers may find themselves out of practice after months of lockdown. It’s never been more important to ‘see and be seen’,” cautions NARVA Marketing Manager, Jake Smith. Workshops play an important role as vehicles that have sat idle or lapsed on a service interval since restrictions, find their way onto hoists prior to frequent use again. “Checking vehicle lighting function may be common practice with vehicle safety and service checks, but this rarely extends beyond a simple on/off test or levelling check against a wall, which doesn’t say a lot about the effectiveness of that light on the road,” Jake says. NARVA stresses the importance of educating customers on adequate vehicle lighting and the difference that refreshing or upgrading their globes can make to road safety and confidence when driving at night or in inclement weather. “Halogen globe light output diminishes over time and performance globes can make a big difference to visibility when factory headlights lacklustre. Up to 150 per cent more light is achieved when it comes to our brightest halogen performance globe, the Plus 150,” he said.

A comparison video of NARVA’s halogen performance globe range is available on which may help workshops to demonstrate the difference customers can expect over standard globes and to see the value in upgrading. A globe application guide is available at www.narva.com.au for the recommended fitment.

Meanwhile, frequent road users and professional drivers may see the value in NARVA’s latest trade range addition, the EVERLIFE performance globes, which offer up to four times the life of a standard halogen globe. “Blown globes are not only unsafe; they can result in costly fines and lost productivity for working drivers. NARVA introduced EVERLIFE specifically for motorists who cover a lot of kilometres. Just like the rest of our halogen performance globes, they are ADR approved and draw no more power than your standard globes,” said Jake. NARVA’s full range of replacement and performance globes can be purchased from all leading automotive and transport retailers and trade stores.

View the full range of Narva Globes at www.narva.com.au/safer-smarter-narva

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