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Narva’s Quality Promise

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Choosing to install reliable headlight globes that can go the distance has never been so important.

In an age where sourcing cheaper manufacturing has become a norm to stay competitive in local markets, it’s not uncommon for product quality and longevity to take a hit in favour of producing a cheaper and therefore more appealing sale at the register.

Unfortunately for many automotive consumables, like vehicle headlight globes, such compromises pose a threat to end user safety and satisfaction, along with the reputation of installers and retailers who effectively endorse the parts they supply to customers. With longer service intervals than ever, it’s never been more important to install parts that can go the distance.

Halogen Globe Range

NARVA stresses the importance of quality and reliability when it comes to automotive lighting, ensuring quality with most of their halogen globe range manufactured in Europe to O.E. standards. The result is a wide range of globe fitments that are designed to last, but still present great value for workshops and their customers, without risking premature failure from inferior parts.

Going The Extra Mile

NARVA says it’s not just headlights that warrant quality to go the extra mile – the automotive lighting specialist offers workshops a “Premium” range of incandescent globes for taillights, signalling and parkers – also manufactured in Europe to ensure that they too meet O.E. standards. In addition to this, a Heavy Duty range of halogen and incandescent globes incorporate reinforced filaments, making them superior for off-road, industrial vehicles and motorcycles that are prone to heavy vibrations and bumps.

Meanwhile, workshops that cater to frequent road users and transport professionals will benefit greatly from the recent release of NARVA’s Everlife globes, which provide up to 4 times the life of a standard globe.

When it comes to getting more light and more white, NARVA believes its newly restyled range of ADR-approved halogen performance globes has simplified the choice for end users. NARVA’s commitment to quality remains evident here too, with even its brightest globe “Plus 150” offering 150 per cent more light on the road than standard globes but substantially longer life than the equivalent from some of its competitors.

For further information visit www.narva.com.au/safer-smarter-narva

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