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National Safe Work Month

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Safe Work Australia has launched the theme for this year’s National Safe Work Month: Work Health and Safety through COVID-19 and associated campaign kit.

This year’s theme acknowledges and reflects the impacts of COVID-19 on work health and safety. The theme recognises that every Australian workplace has been affected by the global pandemic and that workplaces have had to adapt their practices and procedures to reduce the WHS risks associated with COVID-19. This year’s campaign kit resources are digitally focused and include web graphics, social media tiles and document templates which can be customised to appeal to a broad range of organisations and industries. Over the coming months, additional resources will be made available on the National Safe Work Month website, including animations and information sheets on COVID-19 work health and safety.

Join National Safe Work Month

Start planning your work health and safety activities for October by joining National Safe Work Month. To participate, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the National Safe Work Month website and download a range of resources from our campaign kit
  2. Customise and share the resources with your workplace, work teams, supervisor and/or health and safety representative
  3. Follow Safe Work Australia on social media to keep up to date on new campaign materials and to share National Safe Work Month updates
  4. Use the hashtags #safeworkmonth and #safetytogether when promoting National Safe Work Month on social media
  5. Keep an eye on the National Safe Work Month website to stay updated on the latest news.

Together, we can create a safe workplace for everyone through COVID-19.

Find out more on the National Safe Work Month website – www.safeworkaustralia.gov.au/national-safe-work-month , follow them on social media (www.safeworkaustralia.gov.au/social-media) and share using the hashtags #safeworkmonth and #safetytogether

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