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ADAS calibration

More and more cars on the road are sporting the latest in ADAS (Advanced driver-assistance system) supports, making it more important than ever for mechanics to be on top of their game. Launch has you covered when it comes to delivering the best in ADAS calibration, with its vast selection of high-performing hardware.

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The X-431 ADAS LITE is your high-quality simple calibration system used for front and rear radar sensors. Its straightforward design allows it to be easily moved and stored when not in use.
The X-431 works with most Euro-American and Asian vehicle brands, and is compatible with the X-431 ADAS PRO+ and X-431 ADAS Mobile targets.


Offering ultra-high-precision ADAS calibration, the PRO+ is a comprehensive tool that handles multi-brand and multi-system calibration.
Its millimetre precision laser range finder provides extremely accurate calibration and fast positioning without mechanical measurement. This intelligent system sports multi-directional fine-tuning, which means you don’t have to keep moving the device when in use. The PRO+ is made from a very durable aluminium alloy and comes with a detachable tablet stand.


Efficient and simple – the MOBILE ADAS calibration system is easy to get going and provides everything a mechanic needs to get started. It’s easy to pack up and down with foldable pieces to allow for easy storage. The MOBILE’s 23-style manufacturer standard targets and advanced ADAS software allow mechanics a simple method of calibration. It can be used with a number of common vehicle brands and is compatible with AVM/ RCW/ BSD Targets of the AUSCAN ADAS PRO.


If you need ADAS calibration for larger vehicles, look no further than the HD. This advanced tool provides calibrations for a number of ADAS systems including LDW, ACC, BSD, RCW, NVS and AVM.
The versatile HD can be configured into three different forms depending on the vehicle its being used on and can reach a height of up to three metres.

Like the PRO+, the HD sports a millimetre precision laser range finder and can measure distance without mechanical measurement. The HD also supports multi-directional fine tuning which includes level, front and back as well as left-right adjustments. This, with an added bonus of paralleling within a minute, makes using the HD on even large trucks a breeze.

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