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New Course In Automotive System Braking Technology

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DBA joins forces with IAME to develop new braking course.

Disc Brakes Australia has teamed up with the Institute of Automotive Mechanical Engineers (IAME) to co-develop a Certificate course in “Automotive System Braking Technology.” The course is a highly technical and flexible qualification that can be undertaken by fully qualified mechanics, through to workshop assistants wanting to upskill around braking technology.

Peter Blanchard, CEO of the IAME explains that there was an apparent need for more training within the braking sector: “Technology outpaces education all the time. DBA had identified there was a gap in the training and they truly wanted a professional to be fitting their products and to have an overall higher standard in brake replacement technicians.”

The course is Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) approved and partnered with a nationally recognised registered training organisation in the IAME. It’s a blended training course which allows the student to conduct the course in-person, via online modules and partake in practical workshop requirements to ensure all skill-sets are assessed to obtain the accreditation. This course travels with the technician throughout their career due to its national recognised qualification.

Phillip Joseph Snr, founder of DBA and Head of International Sales, explains the importance of DBA investing in the education of the braking sector – “As an Australian braking manufacturer, we, of course, have a keen interest in helping to develop the industry and trade by providing as much information and expertise as we can within our sector. We’re very pleased to be working with an organisation so distinguished as the IAME to make this happen and help the industry keep up to date with the latest technologies and methods to ensure a positive outcome.”

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For more information on the Certificate II in “Automotive System Braking Technology” please head the IAME’s website www.iame.com.au.

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