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New External Wastegates

Garrett Advancing Motion has announced the launch of high flowing external wastegates for turbocharged racing and performance engines. Garrett Vent External Wastegates regulate turbocharger shaft speed by venting exhaust gas around the turbine stage of the turbocharger.

CFD optimised design maximises flow and delivers optimum control for your engine parameters. Advanced engineering of the cap design improves durability of the diaphragm through thermal optimisation. The cap also makes spring changes and serviceability of the entire GVW line-up easier and more reliable to perform.

Garrett External Wastegates are engineered to increase engine performance. The stainless-steel diaphragm assembly parts and actuator attachment are optimised to reduce heat conduction and increase diaphragm durability by 30 per cent and increase flow by 2-7 per cent compared to competition. The internal materials are designed to lower wear by reducing friction and validated for operating temperatures of 1030 degrees Celsius. This, along with replaceable valve and bushing parts, lead to an increased overall service life.

• Sizes; 40, 45, 50 and 60mm
• Water-cooled actuator
• Fully machined 6061 anodised aluminium actuator (Red, Blue, Black, Silver-Natural)
• Includes weld flanges, V-bands, fittings, fasteners and springs for full calibration range
• High temp stainless steel valve housing
• High temp 310 stainless steel valve seat
• CNC machined 304 stainless steel weld flanges
• High temp stainless steel valve with plated stem for wear resistance and wered friction
• High temp Nomex Aramid fabric reinforced actuator diaphragm
• Fully machined 304 stainless steel V-band clamps
• Stainless steel fittings and fasteners.

For more information go to or contact your nearest Garrett Official Performance Distributor.

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